Ericka Zagorski and Jane Davis from the US enjoy a day on the Ring of Kerry. Photograph: Domnick Walsh

You know those tour groups – the ones chattering and laughing loudly and taking over the pavement? Well, that’s not us. Our reserved carriage on th(...)

Áth Cliath or Gach Áit Eile? Do our views on what is right and natural change from the perspective of where we live? Photograph: Eric Luke

An entertaining sideshow of the elections was the stunned reaction of some Dublin media to the patchiness of rural broadband. Nearing midnight at a Co(...)

Joan Burton of Labour at the Ansbacher debate in 2002. Photograph: Frank Miller

Where are they now, those 260 giddy commerce lads, who foot-stomped and wolf-whistled when Joan Burton – an actual female – arrived late into a UCD le(...)

‘In a single week recently, both the Bank England’s Mark Carney and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde warned that capitalism is eating itself, devouring the social capital essential for its own survival and fuelling inequality.’  Above, IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde with  the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto  and Mexican central bank chief Agustin Carstens, during a financial forum  in Mexico, in which she warned  about the high inequality level that prevails worldwide. Photograph: Mario Guzman/EPA

It’s like this, doctor. A week can pass without even a niggle of irritation. Then a headline declaring a developer is back in the game after a €700 mi(...)

‘Dublin City Council chief executive Owen Keegan’s plan to further restrict car traffic on the north quays to one lane is not surprising. He declared war 11 years ago, as the city’s director of traffic: “We have given up trying to cater for the private car and if people haven’t worked that out yet, then there’s a serious problem with IQ.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

A picture of the Dublin City Council chief executive in hi-vis vest, leading fellow devotees of cycling over one of the capital’s several lovely, star(...)

‘In 1935, while the Tuam babies were being swept away by catastrophic measles and whooping cough epidemics and the types of debility that continue to kill the poor and the marginalised, a criminal court judge was pondering “the awful plague of infanticide . . . over-running the country at the present time”. ’ Above, the memorial on the site of   the Tuam mother and baby home, Galway. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

A visit from the sincerely unloved parish priest was the last thing we needed after a hellish winter’s night holding a bellowing, colicky newborn by h(...)

Port city: Reginald’s Tower, by the Suir. Photograph: Patrick Browne

At times the M9 might be your own private road. Take the left turn off the thrumming M7 at the sign for Waterford and Kilkenny and the contrast is alm(...)

Number one: Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan celebrates with supporters after his election to the European Parliament. Photograph: Keith Heneghan

Protesters lined up at a European election ballot box, one roaring into it through a megaphone, another raising a fist, a third waving a placard with (...)

Luke “Ming” Flanagan at the count centre for the European elections in Castlebar, Co Mayo, yesterday. Photograph: Keith Heneghan

It was Mingdependence Day. Around lunchtime, he came up to the press gallery, the better to admire his “stash” piled behind the stage. Stash? “Ah yeah(...)

Luke “Ming” Flanagan at the local and European elections count in the TF Royal Hotel, Castlebar, Co Mayo.  Photograph: Keith Heneghan 2:17

Ming, the main man, turned up early in a smart, green ensemble. “It’s the hemp suit . . . He usually wears it to weddings,” said his brother-in-law Ji(...)