Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at Mullaghmore Co Sligo on Wednesday. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times 1:38

Timothy Knatchbull reached back for the hand of his wife, Isabella, and clasped it tightly as they followed Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall(...)

‘The aching heart of this campaign has been the spectacle of such people sacrificing their privacy in debates and interviews, tearing open old scars and exposing their most intimate core to the public gaze.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Isn’t it a wonder that any physical damage so far has been limited to poster abuse and a little rogue egg-throwing? Day after day, unknowable numbers (...)

Fine Gael candidate David Fitzgerald canvassing for the votes of Tom O’Shea, David Gordon, and Lar Hally. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons 9:08

The hurling metaphors alone on the Kilkenny canvass leave the outsider in need of a lie-down. “Nine minutes to go, a point behind but we have the goal(...)

‘Whatever you think of their politics, women leaders were startlingly, admirably, visible in this campaign. There was no tokenism here, no “honorary man”. The calm, likeable Nicola Sturgeon became the pivotal figure of this election.’ Above,  Sturgeon, with newly-elected SNP members of parliament  outside the Houses of Parliament this week. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

1 Celebrity endorsements: “When you’re hot you’re hot” is not an absolute. With 9 million Twitter followers, his own TV channel, a book in Amazon’s to(...)

Yesterday’s man: Nigel Farage announces his resignation as Ukip leader.  Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

In the long, noisy history of political back-pedalling, the world speed record must go to Nigel Farage. The man who vowed to stand down “in 10 minutes(...)

Ramsgate, England on Thursday: Ukip leader Nigel Farage arrives to cast his vote for the South Thanet constituency in which he has high hopes of being elected. Photograph: Getty Images

Within minutes of our arrival at Labour’s Margate office, a small, arty-looking constituent with big denim turn-ups comes through the door holding his(...)

‘She had signed into the Yes campaign website and pressed “Like”. This, she assumed, served the dual purpose of registering and voting. For some “digital natives”, it may be almost comprehensible. For “digital immigrants” and everyone else, it seems an appropriate moment to pause for a WTF.’ Photograph: Getty Images

A weary young group arrived in from a canvass, reporting “mixed results”. One mimed a typical scene: canvasser rings bell, occupier opens door just en(...)


It looked a lot like old times, even if the audience was smaller. But not for long, perhaps. Occupying the top table was the same threesome that al(...)

‘Think what a mammoth such as Tesco could do about that, with its data, reach, and resources.’ Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Tesco is having a torrid time. On top of a “profit overstatement” by the parent company, triggering a serious fraud inquiry and sundry firings, the gr(...)

Vivian Cummins (left) and Erney Breytenbach. Their foster child Jason (not his real name), arrived when he was a five-year-old, after the couple had been together for 10 years. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

The No campaigners stepped up a gear this week with pretty, full-colour posters about surrogacy, showing a little girl and the catchline: She needs he(...)