Joe Higgins: I joined Labour in 1974 and if they had taken the advice of the left – which was stay out of coalition with right-wing parties, Labour would have been in power, many decades – and now they’re facing meltdown. Photograph: The Irish Times

The venue is a suburban house on the edge of Blanchardstown village, headquarters of the Anti-Austerity Alliance’s campaign to keep the vote for Ruth (...)

Ruairi Quinn: “Ireland is a very conservative country. There are only two countries of the 28 EU member states that have never had a Labour-led, or even majority Labour government: Latvia and Ireland.” Photograph: Frank Miller

There is a poignancy about the rows of black-and-white photographs of Labour TDs that line the long corridor leading to Ruairí Quinn’s Leinster House (...)

Enda Kenny adopted the same statemanlike air of last week’s debate, remaining on the ringside for the most part until called upon to comment.  Photograph: Oisin McHugh FusionShooters.

Call us childish but the most diverting element of the debate was when Micheal Martin dropped his prompt-sheet on the floor around 30 minutes in and i(...)

Shoah: Tomi Reichental at the coat dresser that he recovered from his childhood home in what was Czechoslovakia. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

In the hall of Tomi Reichental’s Dublin home stands an old coat dresser, with a mirror, coat hooks and a little drawer for brushes, all painted with p(...)

Even now, the light is slowly reclaiming our days, leading us onwards towards spring, renewal and new hope. Photograph: Alan Betson

The busy world is hushed. The longest night of the year has come and gone and the sun has turned its face back towards us. Even now, the light is slo(...)

Christmas: It’s that visceral call to the senses, the light that guides us back, whatever the cost or the stress.

It’s a conundrum. In boom times, the media are accused of “talking down” the economy. In bad times, they are attacked as relentless purveyors of bad n(...)

“What’s in it for the darkie?.” Hugh McElvaney demanding sterling for his troubles. Photograph: RTÉ

You will recall Cllr Hugh McElvaney demanding sterling for his troubles. The question for the next generation of pub quizzes will focus on how precise(...)

Sandbags are cleared away from Quinns Chemist in Crossmolina after the weekends flood damage. “The irony this week is that many of those generous activists will be councillors. “  Pic:  Michael McLaughlin

We took the twisting, single-lane road through the Conor Pass out of Dingle last weekend. In the pale December light as the storm played itself out, (...)

 Michael McDonnell places sandbags as waters rise on the Shannon. Photograph: Molloy Photography

“The Shannon floods by stealth. It can be a week before the bulk of the rainfall comes down this far,” says Michael “Viking Mike” McDonnell, who runs (...)

In what brutal universe are children neglected to the extent of being lice-infested, seriously underweight, unable to straighten their legs due to spending long hours strapped in buggies?

You need a licence to own a dog (€20) and a television (€160). It’s the law. As a car owner, you will have discovered that finding the €25 driving lic(...)