“We should want real  women with real-life experience of the education system, the workplace, childbirth, childcare, managing money in tight situations and general life,” Cllr Brabazon says. Photograph: Getty Images

Is there something in the water in north Dublin? Suddenly two councillors from there, Tom Brabazon of Fianna Fáil and Keith Redmond of Fine Gael, are (...)

Solicitor Brian O’Donnell returning to the house in Killiney after a High Court Hearing into an application for a trespass order was adjourned. John Martin from the New Land League (right) opened the gates. Photograph: Alan Betson /The Irish Times

Nothing about Brian O’Donnell’s confident demeanour suggested he was the common-or-garden subject of a trespass order. He took his seat in the barrist(...)

‘It’s just a matter of time until the work of departments such as Brendan Howlin’s – racing to play catch-up after decades of big party neglect – is recognised. History, they must believe, will be kinder.’ Above, Brendan Howlin, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, Alex White, Kathleen Lynch, Ged Nash and Jan O’Sullivan at the Labour party conference in Killarney. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

A protester outside the Labour conference last weekend sounded very aggrieved. “Very disappointed,” he said. “Labour were put in there to save the peo(...)

Representatives of the bank receiver posting documents on the order of the court on the gate of  the O’Donnell family home, Gorse Hill. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times 1:01

Blake O’Donnell cut a lonely figure, sitting alone on the plaintiff’s side of the senior counsels’ bench, with just a jotter for company and three Lev(...)

Graham Dwyer. Sitting with her slight body angled toward the judge’s bench, Gemma Dwyer’s eyes never met those of the man she has known for nearly 20 years. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Gemma Dwyer, wife of murder suspect Graham Dwyer, took the stand for less than an hour in the Central Criminal Court. Shoulders hunched, fair h(...)

A  CCTV picture  from the Metropolitan Police Service  shows the three  British teenagers  at Gatwick Airport, before flying to Istanbul, raising concerns they would travel on to Syria to join IS jihadists.  Photograph: AFP/Metropolitan Police/Getty Images

Can I be the only one who jumped out a pub window once or twice at the news that a responsible adult was approaching? Or triggered a near riot in a Sy(...)

‘We liked the word “warns”. It carried intimations of threats and sanctions. Maybe – ring out them bells – Minister of State, Paudie Coffey, had found a way to rein in the big cats of the construction world?’ Photograph: Getty Images

We know that leopards never change their spots and that greedy little toads rarely morph into St Francis of Assisi. But isn’t life more tolerable if w(...)

‘The brilliance of the 64-page formula is that we never had to hear about the subsequent unpleasantness when he recovered.’ Above, author EL James attends the Fifty Shades Of Grey New York Fan First screening  on February 6th. Photograph:  Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Woodie’s are fresh out of rope, according to one feverish creature. They’re probably running low on cable ties too. B&Q is loaning copies of the b(...)

 ‘Operation Transformation is not the X Factor or Big Brother. It is well regarded by many healthcare professionals and has a deadly serious objective.’ Above, Operation Transformation.  Photograph: RTÉ

Reality shows are among those sorrowful mysteries to which the only sane reaction is total bafflement. Why would anyone risk a public unravelling in p(...)

 Alexis Tsipras: on a visit to Ireland last year he engaged in some local/European canvassing with Sinn Féin. Photograph: Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

Some weeks ago, while tweeting a link to an insightful analysis of the challenges facing Syriza, I quoted from the writer’s final sentence: “Can a par(...)