Vivian Cummins (left) and Erney Breytenbach. Their foster child Jason (not his real name), arrived when he was a five-year-old, after the couple had been together for 10 years. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

The No campaigners stepped up a gear this week with pretty, full-colour posters about surrogacy, showing a little girl and the catchline: She needs he(...)

Ciarán Lynch, Chairman of the Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

The preamble is over. Today, a slick of smooth, supremely well-rehearsed bankers will begin to flow towards an airless, windowless committee room for (...)

Graham Dwyer looked down and seemed to wince as the court was told Elaine was ‘emotionally immature and very trusting of anyone who showed her kindness’. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / The Irish Times 0:45

“We can hear her voice in the texts, just wanting to be loved.” The line in Frank O’Hara’s victim impact statement, relating to the texts exchanged be(...)

Brian O Donnell leaving the Four Courts on Wednesday after the  judgment in the Court of Appeal went against him. Photograph: Courts Collins 1:57

On Wednesday, Brian O’Donnell and his solicitor son, Blake, were back in the Four Courts, just the two of them. They sat opposite each other on the pl(...)

‘We can only hope that when it finally materialises, it gravitates towards the generous side and will include the right of access, for example, to lawyers’ briefs (available online in New York).’ Photograph: Getty Images

Recent reports of high profile criminal cases may suggest otherwise, but services for crime victims have come a long way in a decade. Family members i(...)

 Graham Dwyer in 2013: roused by  prison officers after the guilty verdict he rose and scuttled out at a speed not seen in him before, leaving his father and sister desolate. Photograph: Collins Courts 1:42

For a few moments, in mid-afternoon, it seemed like just another confused question from a confused jury.The seven men and five women had already been (...)

 Graham Dwyer. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

The most remarkable feature about Graham Dwyer in the waiting hours and throughout the trial was a staggeringly unshakable air of confidence. He was p(...)

Every generation is entitled to expect a better life than the one that went before, and every parent wants this for their children. But in Ireland in (...)

The generation fading out will always cast a sceptical eye on the one usurping it. Do they see a crowd of overeducated little gits with no concept (...)

‘As a 40-year-old, two-term Fine Gael TD, who lost the whip for opposing the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, Terence Flanagan is no ingénu.’ Above with Lucinda Creighton. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Never mind the politics, hear the sniggers. There were plenty of them. But for anyone with a grain of humanity, the sound of a mind-blank occurring(...)