David Puttnam: “I’m good at getting people to work together, good at encouraging them to do better work. But there’s not an artistic bone in my body”

The venue is within walking distance of his Cork-bound train. The bar is tourist bedlam and the only option is a sofa in the lobby. He hasn’t eaten al(...)

This week, an Irish Cancer Society survey revealed that the average monthly cost of cancer to a patient is €862

It’s probably the sense of gratitude that silences many patients. An acute awareness of their luck to live in a time when the word cancer is not neces(...)

The funeral of Brian Friel, at Glenties Cemetery, Co Donegal. Among the mourners was writer Eugene McCabe (left). Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

As the hearse wound around the coastal roads from Brian Friel’s Greencastle home, on the shores of Lough Foyle, traditional musicians prepared to g(...)

 Japan:  Their reward was a game four days later versus an tier 1 side. Picture: Julian Finney/Getty Images

Sometimes sport is hard to like. Take Japan’s performance against 500/1-on match favourites South Africa in the Rugby World Cup. On a heart-thumping (...)

This is a problem with a thousand tentacles.

About four people a week were killed on the roads last year. Meanwhile, alcohol-related disease kills three people a day. Consider the difference in p(...)

‘Maybe the unimpeachably-decent Corbyn can confound the doomsayers. He turned up in parliament on Monday dressed in a suit and tie – possibly for the first time ever – and told interviewers that he will not be engaging in the moronic putdowns and animal noises that passes for debate.’ (Screen grab from footage broadcast by Parliaments Parliamentary Recording Unit  via Parliament TV on September 14th, 2015) AFP/Getty Images

The sight of grown men spitting “throwback moron” and “red Tory” at one another can be highly entertaining, when the fallout is on someone else’s patc(...)

Refugees walk along the highway towards the border with Austria, out of Budapest, on Friday. Photograph: Laszlo Balogh/Reuters

It was a week when all the worries and squabbles of normal western life faded to puny. A week mercilessly punctuated by searing images of what happen(...)

Olivia Mitchell: “I always felt I’d know when it was the right time to go.” Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Strip away TD fuzzy talk of friendship and loyalty and what remains is a ferociously competitive sole trader. Running mates are dispatched, a dear lea(...)

‘Participants in Saturday’s big Right2Water rally were also on Twitter. Sinn Féiners was complaining RTÉ had deliberately edited coverage to exclude the party’s involvement. A prominent non-party protester retweeted an objection to The Irish Times online’s decision to put the water protest below a column about the IRA’s allegedly massive global assets.’ Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Many who have experienced serious illness must have read Una Mullally’s column on Monday with a great spark of recognition. She wrote about the perspe(...)

Pearse Doherty: “I am who I am. I believe in what I believe in. I’m not going to change my beliefs to suit anybody else.”  Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

It’s not a life for the vaguely committed: the eight-hour round trips twice a week from Gaoth Dobhair in Donegal to Leinster House on some terrible ro(...)