Kathleen Reynolds follows the coffin as it is carried from the Mansion House. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

At nearly 10pm on Saturday night, the queue to sympathise with an exhausted Kathleen Reynolds and her family was still moving slowly up the aisle of D(...)

Former taoiseach Albert Reynolds with his wife, Kathleen, in 1996: he got a palpable buzz out of life and people, without a drop of alcohol passing his lips (apart from a sip of champagne in September 1994 when the IRA declared a ceasefire, his life’s great achievement). Photograph: Frank Miller

It was 1977, the general election was in full swing and the one feature that could not be ignored – apart from Fianna Fáil’s brazen, vote-buying mani(...)

‘Last week, the Mexican telecoms tycoon, Carlos Slim, called for the introduction of a global three-day working week. The days would be 11 or 12 hours long, against the average of seven to eight and people would carry on working into their 70s.’ Photograph: Getty Images

It’s the season for pale, northern Europeans to languish on Mediterranean terraces, in idylls wrecked only by the odd shivery flashback to Irish winte(...)

The Dublin City Rounders country and western duo playing on Wicklow Street, Dublin, this weekend. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

About 4pm in the Bison Bar on Dublin city quays and a likeable, baby-faced Aidan Logan is on a high stool singing his own song, called Can’t Stay Mad (...)

 Fianna Fail’s Senator Marc MacSharry – “appears to hold that the rot started in 2000 when Ireland entered the eurozone so that’s where the inquiry should begin ....”   Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The irish Times

Thoughts turn to the banking inquiry and news that the projected spend is about €5 million while the budget is €3 million. Pfft to either, if that’s w(...)

Why the impulse to ignorantly dismiss, rather than explore, the phenomenon that is Garth Brooks? Photograph: AP

When her husband was back in their flea-ridden Parisian hotel sweating over Finnegans Wake, Nora Joyce entertained herself by going to music shops and(...)

Ericka Zagorski and Jane Davis from the US enjoy a day on the Ring of Kerry. Photograph: Domnick Walsh

You know those tour groups – the ones chattering and laughing loudly and taking over the pavement? Well, that’s not us. Our reserved carriage on th(...)

Áth Cliath or Gach Áit Eile? Do our views on what is right and natural change from the perspective of where we live? Photograph: Eric Luke

An entertaining sideshow of the elections was the stunned reaction of some Dublin media to the patchiness of rural broadband. Nearing midnight at a Co(...)

Joan Burton of Labour at the Ansbacher debate in 2002. Photograph: Frank Miller

Where are they now, those 260 giddy commerce lads, who foot-stomped and wolf-whistled when Joan Burton – an actual female – arrived late into a UCD le(...)

‘In a single week recently, both the Bank England’s Mark Carney and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde warned that capitalism is eating itself, devouring the social capital essential for its own survival and fuelling inequality.’  Above, IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde with  the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto  and Mexican central bank chief Agustin Carstens, during a financial forum  in Mexico, in which she warned  about the high inequality level that prevails worldwide. Photograph: Mario Guzman/EPA

It’s like this, doctor. A week can pass without even a niggle of irritation. Then a headline declaring a developer is back in the game after a €700 mi(...)