Digital privacy became a truly dominant international concern this year with high-profile breaches including the Ashley Madison website. Photograph: Reuters/Mark Blinch

In the first week of January this year, I began the new year with a prediction. “Privacy will be a big issue in 2015. In Ireland as well as internati(...)

It was estimated that overall some 7.5 million Facebook users in 2012 were children under 13.

Teenagers will need their parents’ permission to use Facebook! If you were paying any attention to print and broadcast media in the past few days, y(...)

So, you’re interested in buying a Tesla, the sleek, highly-engineered electric car from the Silicon Valley firm co-founded by tech entrepreneur Elon M(...)

How ‘unnecessary journeys’ made Teresa Mannion go viral 0:30

RTÉ broadcaster Teresa Mannion has had an “I will be back” moment. Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger is connected to a phrase that brings instant recogni(...)

Pixar success story: Toy Story 3

Thanks to much-loved Pixar films like Toy Story, Up, WALL-E, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Inside/Out, audiences all over the world happily embrace th(...)

 The warehouse at the Amazon fulfillment centre in Hemel Hempstead gets ready for Cyber Monday. Online sales on Black Friday were massive this year, only marginally trailing Cyber Monday at $2.7 billion in the US.

A decade ago, when the internet was in a fast-growth phase but online shopping lagged significantly behind in-store shopping, a US businesswoman, Elle(...)

In Ireland, all drones weighing over 1kg will need to be registered with the Irish Aviation Authority. Photograph:  Robert MacPherson/AFP/Getty Images

Drones are predicted (as last year) to be one of the top-selling Christmas gifts this year. Depending on your view of drones – and most people are not(...)

Emojis have been there since the dawn of email and text messages. Illustration: iStockphoto

No one but an idiot wants to “thumbs up” a tragedy. Or “heart” it. But the emotionally condensed format of social media forces such inappropriate and (...)

Paulo Portas’s appearance  on the Web Summit main stage turned out to be a swan song. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

It’s just a week since the final day of the final Irish Web Summit for the foreseeable future and it already seems like ancient history. Two days lat(...)

 Nico Sell, Wickr & Wickr Foundation, on the Code Stage on the last day  of the 2015 Web Summit in the RDS, Dublin. “Laconic and iconic hacker/artist/company founder of messaging app Wickr Nico Sell says every company should hire hackers to try to break their service.” Photograph: Sam Barnes/Sportsfile/Web Summit

It’s Thursday, the last day of the last Web Summit in Ireland. Maybe. Crowds have thinned noticeably, but that just means you can push past people, ra(...)