Deeply coloured, sweet and bitter with vanilla, orange peel and herbs.

A drier Vermouth with bitter oranges, marmalade, herbs and tropical fruits.

Intensely aromatic with medicinal, bitter herbal notes and a sweet finish.

Delicious plump ripe soft red fruits. A great all-purpose wine to sup with nibbles.

Very moreish supple dark plum fruits with a sprinkle of spice. Excellent value for money at the promotional price.

Piquant red cherry fruits with a lovely savoury tang.

The name Bobal is derived from bovale, or bull, as the bunches of grapes are said to be shaped like a bull’s head

At a wine fair recently, a producer asked me to name Spain’s three most popular grape varieties. I got the first two correct; Airen (a white grape and(...)

Complex wine with earthy wild dark fruits and a structured backbone. Definitely a marmite wine, but I loved it.

Delectable, pristine tangy green apple fruits around a stony mineral core.

Delicious rich peach fruits combine with a subtle but lively fresh acidity. Intriguing and very moreish.