Light raisins and pear fruit aromas, leading on to a nicely textured palate of raisins.

Elegant lifted floral aromas, with complex vanilla and lemon zest; linear with incredible length.

Fragrant, spicy, caramel nose with spice and barley, finishing on butterscotch.

The Makers: Raul Perez, left, makes amazing idiosyncratic Spanish wines while Paddy McDonald produces the crowd-pleasing, light and refreshing 12 Acres Pale Ale

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We have a longstanding love affair with Marlborough Sauvignon in this country, and we are not alone. Sales worldwide have quadrupled over the past (...)

Refined tropical fruits with mouth-watering citrus acidity.

Complex with subtle flavours of grilled nuts and peach. Fine mineral finish.

Light, fresh, plump melon fruits with a crisp citrus edge.

Lush ripe tropical fruits with a rounded finish. Classic Wairau Sauvignon.

In-flight: the standard advice is to go for full-bodied wines with low acid and plenty of ripe fruit. Champagne and other sparkling wines taste better, as the bubbles stimulate our senses (although they also increase the speed at which we ingest alcohol). Photograph: Thinkstock
High-flying wines

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