Ally Alpine (pictured above) is one of several Scots who landed in Ireland to work for the UK off- licence chain Oddbins, and stayed on when they d(...)

Classic Médoc with light restrained blackcurrant fruits and a smooth dry finish.

A very stylish elegant wine with blackcurrant and cassis fruits finishing with a dry flourish. Good with roast lamb.

Classic foursquare St Estèphe with good solid mature meaty dark fruits. Perfect with a roast of beef.

The multiples have a non-stop series of wine sales and promotions throughout the year. As a result, it can be very difficult to work out the true valu(...)

Made with milk and vanilla, a rich, smooth beer with milk chocolate and vanilla.

A complex mouthful of flavour, with an intense floral hoppiness balanced by lovely fruitiness. Stockists: From good off-licences

Delicious beer with a refreshing citrus bite to complement the more usual chocolate and malt of a stout.

A beer made (in Belgium) using oak smoked wheat malt. Wood smoke with a lovely citrus edge. Stockists: Good off-licences

Hoppy hunting grounds

When I wrote my first article on beer some four years ago, there were fewer than a dozen craft brewers in the country. How things have changed. Beo(...)