An elegant white wine with enticing floral aromas and soft, juicy, white peach fruits.

Refreshing dessert wine with tangy pineapples and tropical fruits. Heavenly with Roquefort.

A wine enthusiast can now pour a glass of a particular fine wine, reseal it and then return for a second glass months later

Last February, I went to the Irish launch of Coravin, a new wine preservation device, which promises to allow you to enjoy wine from the same bottle o(...)

Delicate and crisp with floral, lemon-scented pristine fruit. Exquisite.

Lovely light refreshing dry wine with delicate ripe plump apple fruits. Perfect with fishy things.

Clean, subtle almost snow-like with a lovely long finish and a subtle spritz.

The  Muscadet region has long ago reformed itself and now offers the intelligent buyer a selection of light wines

T hose of you of a certain vintage will remember Muscadet with a shudder. For a while in the 1970s and 1980s, this was the favourite tipple of the win(...)

Wonderful aromas of white stone fruits, honey and beeswax; the palate explodes with complex flavours of peaches and apricot with a background note of (...)

Aromas of tropical fruit, lemon zest and spice, and a palate of toffee, caramel and exotic fruits. Full of flavour.

Raisins, vanilla spice and light woody flavours on nose and palate, with a soft, sweet finish.