Problems such as classroom cliques, exclusion and bullying can peak at the age of about 10. Photograph: Getty

Q My 10-year-old daughter is in fourth class. She has always been shy, particularly when she meets new people, but recently this seems to have got (...)

Can I still be a good father to her, or should I walk away for her own good? Photograph: Thinkstock Images

Q I have just become a father and am finding it hard to feel much for my four-month-old daughter. I am very fond of her, but I don’t feel anything (...)

When telling your children bad news, pick a place where you can be comfortable and when you have plenty of time. Photograph: Thinkstock Images

Q We have two children – a boy of 11 and a girl of 14 – and we have just learned that their dad is terminally ill with cancer. My husband has been(...)

Tell them about your addiction and recovery: children in particular can find this helpful. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I have recently accepted that I am an alcoholic, after 20 years of heavy drinking that took its toll on my marriage and family. I gave up drinkin(...)

It is important that parents demonstrate support for each other’s parenting decisions, especially in front of the children. Photograph: thinkstock

Q How important do you think it is for parents to present a united front to their children? How much of a problem is it when they don’t? We have th(...)

Breastfeeding can be a big challenge for mothers going back to work. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I am wondering when and how I should start to wean my five-month-old son. I have been breastfeeding him from birth and this has all gone well but I (...)

A few years ago, the most common way for young teenagers to socialise was by gathering in adult-free groups in homes, clubs or even on street corners (...)

Although young people over 18 are technically adults, some can remain very vulnerable, especially if they have special needs such as ADHD. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My husband and I are at a loss as to how to help our 20-year-old son. He was diagnosed with ADHD many years ago and has always been under the care o(...)

As a parent you have to be assertive and clued in to get the supports your child might need. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My six-year-old son is having problems at school and at home. He finds any change to routine really hard and can throw a tantrum at the slightest ch(...)

A little bit of anxiety helps you to be realistic and makes you prepare and adjust in advance, and that can be really helpful. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I am expecting my first child in three months and my partner and I are over the moon. We had a few problems conceiving and were overjoyed when it fi(...)