With a little bit of support and sensitivity most children quickly settle and get used to the new school routine. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My son started in junior infants last week. As he is our eldest we were all a bit nervous, but it seemed to go fine. We had prepared him well and he(...)

After all that has happened, it would be understandable if you were extremely angry with your ex-wife. Do not let this affect your judgment or willingness to collaborate with her. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I split up with my wife just over a year ago. Despite having lasted 10 years, it had been a very unhappy marriage. My wife constantly belittled me, (...)

As well as being there to support your son, try to see it also as a time of great opportunity for him. Photograph: Getty Images

Q I’m the parent of a very shy and sensitive boy who is due to start secondary school in September. I’m quite worried about how he will cope with the (...)

Q Our daughter, who turns three in October, is starting Montessori this autumn and needs to be toilet trained before she goes. She is a bright girl an(...)

Q I am a separated father and my daughter is 10 months old. My relationship with my ex-girlfriend ended, and then she discovered she was pregnant. Sin(...)

Dealing with tantrums can be stressful. Photograph: Thinkstock
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Q My daughter is nearly eight years old and has frequent meltdowns and hysterical outbursts that are very hard to manage. Last week when under pres(...)

It is important to tune into your son and to think what might be upsetting him. Be patient as he may not be able to articulate fully what is going on for him. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My seven-year-old son spends every second weekend (Friday to Sunday evening) with his father, my ex-husband. (We separated 18 months ago.) When he c(...)

Listen to your daughter’s point of view without being defensive. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I split up with my wife eight months ago and it is becoming hard to see my 12-year-old daughter. She seems to be really angry with me and blames me (...)

Rather than just rushing to get jobs done, take time to slow down and really enjoy and delight in your baby. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My wife and I have a baby boy, who is four months old, and I am struggling to cope. I’m under pressure at work and there is pressure at home, mindin(...)

Some young children aren’t aware of their tics or compulsive behaviours or, if they are aware, they can be very defensive or sensitive talking about them. Even though he is expressing frustration, it is a good sign that your son is already talking to you about the behaviours, as this means he is open to your support and help.  Photograph: Thinkstock

Q Our eldest son is nearly eight years old. In the past couple of years he has developed several motor and vocal tics, and we are unsure how to help h(...)