A recent research project took me to a headstone in Terryglass in north Tipperary (goo.gl/gHB3Kq). It was erected by a Daniel Hogan in memory of hi(...)

I recently had my knuckles rapped for a sentence about migration on the Irish Ancestors site (goo.gl/3ECtya): “In the seventeenth century, in the afte(...)

When the recently-defunct Certificate of Irish Heritage (heritagecertificate.ie) was set up back in 2011, it attracted ill-informed begrudgery from ma(...)

It would be nice to think that the reason for the huge success of National Heritage Week in Ireland is our deeply-ingrained respect and love for every(...)

Irish Roots

We Irish tend to feel, with some justification, that we’re more informed about the past than most other races. Many very old issues are unresolved (...)

I usually begin my standard talk about online family history by declaring that there are no genealogical records on the internet and then pretendin(...)

The recent mapping at irishtimes.com/ancestor of all General Register Office births between 1864 and 1913 (see bit.ly/1HL3gF9) brought us a massive in(...)

Now that the dust has settled on the launch of the National Library’s Catholic parish registers site (registers.nli.ie), it’s worth reflecting on what(...)

One of the small pleasures of spending time rummaging through record systems is observing the ways in which they slowly deform under the weight of the(...)

Irish Roots

Holding onto your sanity can be tricky when your occupational raw material consists of the legions of the dead. So genealogists have to develop(...)