has recently re-launched new versions of the civil registration indexes removed with unseemly haste 10 months ago: birth indexes no(...)

Irish Roots

Local societies are the lifeblood of genealogy. The missionary (and occasionally messianic) zeal with which they transcribe, organise, publish, and ed(...)

A recent study in Nature maps very fine regional variations in genetic make-up in the UK by applying more powerful statistical methods to whole-gen(...)

Irish Roots

One of the strongest drivers of genealogical research is the feeling of bringing back into the light individuals who have been forgotten or deliberate(...)

When Godzilla moves in next door, some nervousness is understandable. So the recent news that Ancestry. com"> is looking to employ profes(...)

Researchers accustomed to the way online genealogy works elsewhere in the English-speaking world find the Irish situation strange. Elsewhere, record(...)

Ancestry. com, like most commercial genealogy sites, provides an online family tree service allowing subscribers to visualise and share their research(...)

Digging for Britain is a greatest-hits archaeology compilation on BBC Two and the wonderful BBC Four. Each hour-long programme picks a selection of th(...)

Irish Roots

No matter how familiar a record source appears to be, it can always surprise. After decades of staring at Griffith’s Valuation, the main mid-19th c(...)

Benedict Anderson’s classic account of the history of nationalism, Imagined Communities (1982, rev. 1993) asks a simple question in its early pages: w(...)