Everybody loves an underdog. And the best videogames are often ones in which the hero is a helpless cog in the story’s machine, completing their journ(...)

There are some who believe that videogames are nothing more than shallow, aggressive dollops of interactive cartoon violence. And in the case of Loud(...)

With musical numbers, Shakespeare as a nightclub MC and an afterlife car-jacking, the latest Saints Row gets off to a rowdy start. This is technica(...)

If nothing else, Citizens of Earth boasts a fabulous title. Those three words are so evocative, conjuring images of old sci-fi, from The Day the Earth(...)

Kyrat, according to an old saying, is “a destination to die for”. And Escape from Durgesh Prison reminds us of both the beauty and horror of this sce(...)

The pirate-themed strategy game Raids of Glory is a slick, user-friendly experience, but its handling of micro-transactions will have you plundering (...)

From the first chords you hear in The Swapper’s menu, its tone is clear – sombre but graceful. Belying its 2D, low-key appearance and sound, it’s a (...)

Playing a Duke Nukem game now is like meeting a long-lost, beloved uncle who you’d forgotten was horribly racist. It’s still fun and nostalgic, but(...)

Here’s a nice little curio. Hero Pop is an app puzzle game that uses familiar tropes in a kooky way. It’s a typical mobile puzzler: The top section of(...)

Whether or not games were better in the good old days is debatable. Whether they were more difficult is not. Imagine your character could instantly d(...)