Oakside Park sounds like a nice place to live. It has lots of space, it’s grandiose house is for sale at the moment, and there are few noisy neighbo(...)

One of the biggest challenges facing indie developers is repetition. Many devs grew up on 2D side-scrolling games, platformers and racers, which is wh(...)

What a wonderful world we live in when games like this are free. No ads, no micro-transactions and no requests to invite friends via social network. (...)

A fart is a major plot point in Shiftlings, a clever and zany puzzle platformer. You play a pair of unlucky aliens tethered together in spacesuits,(...)

In the interest of even-handedness and transparency, let’s kick off this review with full disclosure: htol#NiQ: The Firefly Diary is a 2D puzzle game,(...)

Strap in, Private! Brace yourself for a futuristic war game where your threats are alien bugs, friendly fire, and some poor game design decisions. To(...)

One of the greatest challenges in reviewing falling-shape puzzle games is doing so without referencing a certain Russian classic. Tetris really is (...)

Why is the Resident Evil franchise so unstoppable? Depending on which ones you count, this is arguably the tenth game in the relentless zombie seri(...)

It’s intriguing and heartening to think that game genres never truly die. 2D beat em ups might not be as prominent as they were in the ‘90s, but there(...)

Evolve | Game Review

As Charles Darwin helpfully taught us, evolution is incremental, but very noticeable when you know how to look for it. For instance, one of the best (...)