From the first chords you hear in The Swapper’s menu, its tone is clear – sombre but graceful. Belying its 2D, low-key appearance and sound, it’s a (...)

Playing a Duke Nukem game now is like meeting a long-lost, beloved uncle who you’d forgotten was horribly racist. It’s still fun and nostalgic, but(...)

Here’s a nice little curio. Hero Pop is an app puzzle game that uses familiar tropes in a kooky way. It’s a typical mobile puzzler: The top section of(...)

Whether or not games were better in the good old days is debatable. Whether they were more difficult is not. Imagine your character could instantly d(...)

Secret Ponchos

Online multiplayer gaming. Those three innocuous words signify many things – the demise of the traditional arcade, the glorious disintegration of bord(...)

The best turn-based strategy games make you feel helpless. You’ve positioned your soldiers, you’ve given your commands and you’ve envisioned your p(...)

Do all games need narratives? There’s a thesis or a book in that question, and the answer would probably refer to Highrise Heroes. This mobile title i(...)

Playstation 2: launched in 2000

If the PlayStation 20th birthday party could be described in one word, that word would be “nostalgia”. Various corners of the venue were decorated to (...)

When The Lego Movie hit cinemas earlier this year, it’s fair to say that it exceeded expectations. The animated toy tie-in was embraced and adored by (...)

The 2D beat-em-up is an endangered species, but its DNA is everywhere. Recent titans such as the God of War series and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor(...)