Lake Van: there is a train from Tehran to Ankara, in Turkey, the Trans Asia Express which takes two nights and includes a crossing of Lake Van. Photograph: Thinkstock

How would I travel from Kuwait to Cork, avoiding planes, and using ferries, trains and buses? I’m working in Kuwait and hoping to travel in late May. (...)

 Hit the beach at Barceloneta as well as the bars and clubs in the city on a post-Leaving-Cert holiday

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 Put Krakow on your itinerary in Poland

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A golden autumn in New England: the region covers six states, most of the north east of the US, and is bordered by New York, New Brunswick and Quebec
Ask Joan

We would like to visit New England in late October early November. We have 10-14 days so any suggestions on where to start and finish the trip, (...)

Italy, Campania, Ischia Island, Aragonese castle  Lifelong friends choose Ischia in Italy to visit Lady Walton’s garden

We are lifelong friends in our 50 s planning a garden trips to visit Lady Walton’s garden on the island of Ischia . We can only get away for fi(...)

The Metropolitan Opera House in New York
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 Istanbul in April, with a beach holiday add-on

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Sardinero Beach in Santander

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We are trying to plan a holiday and as my husband is a keen foodie he would like to have daily cooking lessons. I(...)