Steve Miller speaks during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, at the Barclays Center in New York. Photograph: Chad Batka/The New York Times

In 1967, a then-unknown group called the Steve Miller Blues Band signed a deal with Capitol Records. It was a colossal deal, one later described as “w(...)

The ongoing decline in the number of record shops worldwide has done nothing to halt the momentum of the annual Record Store Day (RSD). On April 16(...)

There have been pointers before now that Brighton producer Leon Vynehall has smarts when it comes to forward-thinking house music. His 2014 coll(...)

It’s all about the stitching. John Kowalski and Rian Trench’s third album as Solar Bears continues the duo’s explorations with ambient and electro(...)

Wu-Tang forever: the influential hip-hop collective may soon be immortalised on film. “I think it would be a blessing for American culture. It is really an against-the-odds story,” said RZA. Photograph: Bob Berg/Getty Images

The entertainment industry loves a formula. As NWA bask in the glow of getting themselves into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last weekend, it’s clear(...)

Before the landmark Donuts release copperfastened the narrative about James Yancey’s sounds and perspectives, the late, great Detroit producer had(...)

Trad transcended: Lynched (from left) Ian Lynch, Cormac Mac Diarmada, Radie Peat, and  Daragh Lynch

Some events come along at the exact right time. Next week’s Trad Rising concert in Dublin, as part of the MusicTown festival, brings together a rake (...)

Charles Bradley’s story is one to warm the cockles of any music fan’s heart. The soul singer spent 40 years working the bar circuit as a James B(...)

YouTube has proven to be a happy hunting ground for James Hinton. As with his debut Nonfiction, the Brooklyn producer’s new album uses samples o(...)

When people stopped buying physical music and record shops began to realise they were in trouble, there was no shortage of suggestions about extra way(...)