The first time you hear Leon Bridges, you’ll probably think your ears are playing tricks on you. Surely, you reckon, this has to be a Sam Cook(...)

It’s always intriguing when artists with an outsider point of view go hammer and tongs into a traditional, dyed-in the-wool sound. Bhi Bhiman (...)

Julie Ann Baenziger’s previous albums showcased a singer with a warm, engaging voice and a strong handle on crafting emotional tunes of both t(...)

The lads are all here. You can’t miss them as you leave Ibiza airport and head off to your finca or apartment. Billboards elsewhere may plug superm(...)

Jools Holland, one of the musicians who was due to perform at the Killarney Festival of Music and Food this weekend. Photograph: Getty

The curse of “unforeseen circumstances” strikes again. That was the reason given by organisers of the ill-fated Killarney Festival of Music and Food (...)

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Machiavellian charm: US record executive David Geffen pictured in July 1972. (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

The music industry ran the mavericks out of town a long time ago. Oh sure, there are still some dodgy geezers and chancers lingering around the edg(...)