Paola Antonelli, senior curator of The Museum of Modern Art, gives a keynote address in Austin. Photograph: Travis P Ball/Getty Images for SXSW

The internet of everything is discussed again and again at South By Southwest (SXSW), but the event itself has become the conference of everything.(...)

There will be more expansive documents from Anthony Naples in time, but Body Pill is worth exploring as an insight into the current body swing(...)

Father figures: Alloysious Massaquoi, right, with Kayus Bankole and Graham Hastings: ‘Every song we put out, we’ve loved. We’re not hiding anything or keeping anything back’

When Alloysious Massaquoi closes his eyes, he can still make out the sweaty walls and hear the dark, dingy bass in the underage Edinburgh hip-hop c(...)

French producer Louis Rogé is a well-travelled and experienced hand, probably best known for his contribution to two tracks on Kanye West’s Ye(...)

Matthew E White can clearly remember the moment when he took stock of what had just happened to him. It was Christmas 2013 and he’d spent the previ(...)

We’re suckers for sad songs because they can say so much about the human condition. Heartache, heartbreak, melancholy, lovesickness, unrequite(...)

Is 2015 the year when the notion of getting your music for free bites the dust? That might be one takeaway from a current reading of the runes, as (...)

Some things never change. For many years, this writer compiled the club listings for The Ticket. Week in and week out, the clubs, venues and DJs ch(...)

If there’s one thing which unites members of the surprise album club, it’s that quality control levels are always remarkably high. Like Beyonc(...)

There’s plenty of all-star form in Future Brown’s geographically diverse ranks. Between them, Kuwaiti native Fatima Al Qadiri, LA duo Asam Mar(...)