Zane Lowe: former BBC DJ Lowe now heads up Beats 1, Apple’s new global 24/7 radio station

You can bet that Zane Lowe is not fretting too much about the state of his JNLR figures next week. The quarterly barometer of Irish radio listening ha(...)

Jim Aiken: “You keep hearing that you have to have big productions, and someone like Ed Sheeran comes along and sells 160,000 tickets – and it’s just him and a guitar”. Photograph: Jesse Dittmar/ The New York Times

The family business was always going to be Peter Aiken’s calling. He tried accountancy, but the trade kept beckoning him back. The business of putting(...)

Life in Long Beach, to judge by Vince Staples’s debut album, is not all sandy beaches and lazy sunshine vibes. The summertime sensations that the 21-y(...)

Like all the best acts, Algiers put blood in the music, but that’s just one iron in the fire. Originally from Atlanta, Algiers’ debut album is rich(...)

The hardest working dude in the Wu-Tang Clan continues to spark with his third release in 2015. Much of this recent prolific streak seems down (...)

Last year, Marlay Park hosted five one-day concerts plus the three-day Longitude festival, which lead to a huge number of complaints to local public representatives and the local council from residents. Photograph: Frank Miller

The residents are revolting and you can probably understand why. If you owned a gaff within a roar of a big field or park used for outdoor shows ev(...)

Crowds throng the main stage at Electric Picnic 2014. Photograph: Dave Meehan

For every long-running summer event, such as Indiependence, Life or Castlepalooza, you have the ill-fated Killarney Festival of Music & Food, w(...)

Lee Bannon’s shoving and poking of various electronic music templates until something new falls into place has proved hugely productive for the Cal(...)

Stephen Bruner has featured on two of the albums of 2015 so far, Kasami Washington’s The Epic and Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, and the bas(...)

Those who study the music industry’s behind-the-scenes comings and goings may have seen Royce Wood Junior’s name attached to work by Jamie Woon, Kw(...)