A study carried out among a small group revealed that the average person makes a food-related decision 224 times a day. Considering we’re asleep for up to eight hours, that’s roughly once every five minutes.

This week we offer inspiration to put a spring in your step in time for that extra hour of daylight on Sunday 29th I don’t believe in dieting. (...)

Sharon Curley (Tina Kellegher) and Dessie Curley (Colm Meaney) in a scene from The Snapper.

At this time of the year, everyone is claiming to be Irish. And with an estimated 70 million of us out there, sure they might as well. But how (...)

In the US, if parents want their children to learn about religion, they send them to Sunday school and pay for it privately. Photograph: Thinkstock

A parent wrote an anonymous piece for this newspaper recently, in which he argued that it was “plain nuts” that his children should be forced to spend(...)

Annie and Saoirse Power (both 9 months) from Kilkenny and Noah Connolly (14 months) from Waterford give lessons in feeding to Glanbia Ingredients Ireland chief executive Jim Bergin, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan yesterday. Photograph: Jason Clarke

History is littered with case studies which make a compelling case for why politicians should steer clear of small children. Google ‘George W B(...)

Scarlett Johansson’s initial reaction to Travolta’s ‘handsiness’ spoke volumes. Photograph: Mike Nelson/EPA

Dear John,Actually, let’s try that again. Dear John, Joe and anyone else out there in need of a refresher on the subject. There’s a certain etiquette (...)

Home is . . . the sense of anticipation on Grafton Street before the shops open. Photograph: Getty Images

There is a moment in the life of every emigrant when you realise that an emigrant is what you’ve become. For some emigrants, I imagine, it must(...)

A doctor administers a measles vaccination. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It has become a question that parents here in California now routinely ask, eyeing one another over their non-fat cinnamon dolce lattes, while they(...)

Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

My inner goddess packed up and left me to it about 10 minutes after the opening credits of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, roughly around the time tha(...)

Zooey Deschanel and Bradley Cooper: both speak with what is known as ‘vocal fry’

Remember uptalk, the practice of ending all your sentences in a question? Even the ones that aren’t questions? You do? You can take your fingers ou(...)

The Irish Times’ Generation Emigration project is on the hunt for the best Irish pub in the world outside Ireland. Why? Because the best Irish pubs(...)