Ban bossy: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Photograph: ERIC PIERMONT/AFP/Getty Images

The brakes failed last week on a car I have been renting for the past seven months. I called the rental company and they sent a mechanic out. He ar(...)

This just in from the department of things that you thought were healthy but which may potentially kill you: a high protein diet is as bad for (...)

Sarah Jessica Parker recently said in a magazine interview that women today “are pretty unfriendly to one another”. Photograph: Andrew H Walker/Getty

What do women really want? It is a puzzle that has perplexed everyone from Mel Gibson to Freud, who called it the “greatest question that has never(...)

Ikea’s arrival in the State in July 2009 changed the way our homes look more decisively than the invention of wallpaper or plasma-screen televisions. Photograph: Eric Luke

At least twice a year, I struggle with a strange, irrational and slightly shameful compulsion. Experience has taught me that I either resist it(...)

Facebook: has it made social isolation worse? Photograph: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

‘Retired Cork man, 60s, interested in dancing, music sessions, travel, gardening. Young at heart. WLTM ladies and gents for friendship as life (...)

Flood defence barrier on Waterford Quay. Photograph: Patrick Browne

My first 18 years were spent living on John’s Hill in Waterford. In winter, my world revolved around an area that extended roughly five minutes(...)

Schapelle Corby: to the Australian media, she is ‘our Amanda Knox’. Photograph: Bagus Othman/Reuters/Files

Schapelle. Here in Australia, she needs no further introduction. As with Beyoncé, or Madonna, the surname is superfluous. (It’s Corby, since you as(...)

As members of the public, we have no right to cast judgment on Woody Allen, or anyone. That’s what courts are for. But our default position when a child cries ‘abuse’ should not be disbelief. Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters

Before launching into a discussion of an issue as emotive as the Woody Allen abuse allegation, it is always worth rehashing the facts. In this case, t(...)

A model has make-up applied backstage at the Burberry Prorsum autumn/winter 2014 collection in London. Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Puzzling isn’t it, what’s happening in Korea? No, sorry, I don’t mean the question of whether the combined might of Paddy Power and Dennis Rodman can (...)

I can’t be alone in feeling slightly harangued by the recent profusion of lists of things we must do before we die. Not “could do” or “might enjoy (...)