Ireland’s education system is grossly unfair, with a knock-on negative effect on health. Educational attainment, not just years in school, is such a m(...)

Donegal Bay in the southwest of the county: If Leo Varadkar can rebrand the west of Ireland successfully as the Wild Atlantic Way, perhaps the same can be done for primary care. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

There is hope at last that our dysfunctional health system might be fixed. I say system, not services, because by and large the services are as good a(...)

Shortly after Dr Leo Varadkar became Minister for Health he was interviewed by RTÉ about the challenges facing the health sector, including Ireland’s (...)

Following the recent revelations about mother-and-baby homes, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “It is about the kind of country Ireland was.” I wish he was (...)

Are we becoming a nation of hypochondriacs, getting overly paranoid about our health, or just taking better care of ourselves? Five new draft health t(...)

Most HSE employees, including consultants, are now earning about the right amount. Photograph: Thinkstock

Doctors’ salaries have been in the news several times lately. Medical organisations in Ireland claim salaries are now so low that it is impossible to (...)

Adults abuse children because they can. They believe their power over others means they will not be caught and punished. Photograph: Thinkstock

The conviction of Rolf Harris is a reminder that child abuse is an abuse of power. The crime persists because perpetrators are not challenged and d(...)

Managers and frontline workers need to know what each treatment and service costs per service user.

Around midsummer every year, HSE managers tell the Government and the public that it has overspent, again. The financial deficit will be at least €500(...)

Babies’ clothing on the railings of the Dáil  during a march from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Mespil Road, Dublin to the Dáil, in solidarity with the babies and mothers from Tuam, and all mother and baby homes as a gesture of rememberance and care. Photograph: Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

Why are we so shocked about the 796 infants and children who died in St Mary’s mother-and-baby home in Tuam, Co Galway? The Sunday World referred to I(...)

Men’s health is consumed by their job if they have one, by unemployment if they don’t, and by society’s beliefs about the way men should be. Photograph: Thinkstock

Men have always been less healthy than women. They are four times more likely than women to kill themselves and 20 times more likely to die from work-(...)