‘There seems to be an assumption in some quarters that if a child doesn’t get her sticky fingers all over her personal iPad before she knows how to spell her own name, she will be doomed for life, forever playing catch-up with her more tech-savvy peers.’ Photograph: Getty Images

In a couple of weeks’ time, under Christmas trees across the country, many thousands of oblong packages containing smartphones, tablets and other i(...)

A car at the scene of a fatal crash last May in Fairview, Dublin. Photograph: Hugh Linehan/The Irish Times

A few months ago, I came across the aftermath of a fatal traffic crash near my home, at one of the busiest traffic intersections in Dublin. It was ver(...)

Enterprising: Captain James T Kirk

Consider this, from Steven Pinker’s new book, The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century: “Recent graduates, inclu(...)

Ted talker: Bill Gates. Photograph: Ryan Lash/Ted

Back in 2007, when June Cohen set out to try to interest broadcasters in picking up the video rights to talks hosted by the Ted conference, she didn’t(...)

‘This weekend, the Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary had some provocative things to say during Mass at Croagh Patrick’s summit.’  Photograph: Michael Mc Laughlin

A news report on The Irish Times website on Sunday from the annual pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick offered readers some useful historical background f(...)

“Strip away the modern accoutrements, and the production line involved in getting out a daily newspaper is essentially the same now as at the end of the 19th century.” Photograph: Getty Images

It is no secret that the economic model which sustained print journalism is melting away. Sales of printed newspapers continue to plummet, with the mo(...)

Brett Meyers, chief executive of CurrencyFair, explains how he convinced  Sebastian Chabal to dress up as a fairy.

The new Irish Times business and technology podcast is being piloted today.The show is presented by award-winning journalist Tom Lyons and produced by(...)

“The loosening of copyright through the introduction of a broad range of ill-defined exceptions will inevitably lead to uncertainty and lack of clarity in our copyright legislation.”

Internationally, traditional concepts of copyright are in crisis. Rights holders believe they have been left defenceless against digital piracy; and c(...)

Max Mosley, the former head of Formula One racing.

In 2008, the News of the World published a typically racy article about Max Mosley, the former head of Formula One racing, which included photographs (...)

This week, thousands of people gathered in the capital for the Dublin Web Summit (now rather grandiosely renamed The Summit), which, thanks to the imp(...)