Max Mosley, the former head of Formula One racing.

In 2008, the News of the World published a typically racy article about Max Mosley, the former head of Formula One racing, which included photographs (...)

This week, thousands of people gathered in the capital for the Dublin Web Summit (now rather grandiosely renamed The Summit), which, thanks to the imp(...)

“Irish people’s pathological obsession with property, is often intertwined with the worst sort of petty snobbery”. PHOTOGRAPH: ALAN BETSON

By their principal private residences shall ye know them. This week we learned that the professional classes don’t just want to live in the sort of ho(...)

Pat Kenny kicked off his new show on Newstalk radio today. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

If there’s anything more absurd than reviewing a single live radio show, it’s reviewing the first ever instalment of a single live radio show. As P(...)

Pat Kenny says an important factor in his decision to leave was RTÉ’s insistence that he should present Prime Time two nights a week, which he felt was a step backward from his role on The  Frontline.

Pat Kenny has disputed RTÉ director general Noel Curran’s assertion that presenters’ fees were over-inflated during the boom. Kenny, who was RT(...)

The week he announced his departure from RTÉ, Pat Kenny paid a quiet first visit to his new place of work, Marconi House in Dublin’s city centre, w(...)

Strangford Lough covers an area of 150sq km, yet it is seldom more than 10m deep. Photograph: Arthur Allison/Pacemaker

As I arrive at the pier in the village of Strangford, Co Down, the low clouds are skimming the tops of the drumlins and the occasional spit of light r(...)

Companies such as Twitter make much of their origins in hippie/libertarian philosophies. They are also rather keen on ’light-touch’ regulation.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, were she alive today, Jane Austen would never be off Twitter. The social network has become an essential (...)

Visitors to today will notice that we’ve made some design changes to the homepage and to some other parts of the site. Headline and (...)

The Seanad chamber at Leinster House. There is a rather queasy line of inheritance that
 runs from 1930s corporatism through 1990s social partnership to contemporary identity politics.

With little sign of passion or belief so far from the party troopers who have been wheeled out to sell the Yes argument on the airwaves, and the prosp(...)