Lolo Ferrari: ‘Her brassieres were, they say, designed by an engineer who had previously been employed by Boeing.’ Photograph: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images

I was wandering through the lingerie section of a well-loved Dublin department store the other day, tiredly trailing behind an organised, time-cons(...)

Photograph: Eric Luke

It is curtain call at the end of the first preview of Mark O’Rowe’s emotionally bruising new play, Our Few and Evil Days, at the Abbey Theatre in Dubl(...)

‘Like many self-employed women of my generation, I don’t have a pension.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Dear 30-year-old me . . . I assume you’ve heard the radio commercials, seen the banner ads in the newspapers. The pensions industry is attempti(...)

It’s no wonder that Kate is thin, what with throwing up her breakfast and labouring over her social diary. Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

I was sticking the vacuum-cleaner nozzle into a plastic storage bag full of summer garb, sucking the air out of the seasonal clothes, preserving th(...)

Donna Tartt: her novel The Goldfinch worms its way out of a catacomb of despair. Photograph: Fred R Conrad/The New York Times

And so, another school year beds down and the calendar is crowded with the grim promise of parent-teacher meetings and craft fares and fundraisers.(...)

When I was a little girl, in Dublin in the 1960s, a time when an awful lot of people still had Sunday shoes, and Sunday dinners, and rosary beads that(...)

‘My friend was edgy. The area was littered with “sold” signs and there was every possibility that by the time he’d digested his nettle-leaf and humanitarian sandwich, house prices would have jumped another grand or so.’ Photograph: Cyril Byrne

I’ve been house-hunting in Dublin, capital of boom and bust. Not for myself, you understand. I’m spoken for. More than a decade ago I signed on(...)

‘We would lie around in the grubby evening sun, looking across to the Twin Towers, those gleaming sentry gates to Manhattan.’ Above, the Tribute in Light memorial in remembrance September 11th. Photograph: Thinkstock

I got on the Luas at Connolly Station, a rare treat for a timid suburbanite. It has been so long since I took the tram that I had to ask a loiterin(...)

‘I decided to send the coat to the cleaners for a few repairs’

I inherited a coat from a dead friend recently, a fantastic coat, heavy and reddish, the fabric like tapestry. There are bits of embroidery on the (...)

‘The Photo Album of Ireland’ takes in Brownies, Polaroids, Instamatics and even photo-booth selfies

I was sitting out on a city street under the canopy of what may or may not have been a beech tree, having a conversation with a friend who was nurs(...)