Whether you’re proposing a toast to your love for the day that’s in it, making a proposal or just toasting to general happiness and good fortune, I(...)

For many, the idea of an Irish vernacular architecture conjures images of John Hinde-esque stone cottages, preferably thatched, and with a pictures(...)

The phrase “deceptively spacious” can cause all sorts of alarm bells to sound, implying small spaces and pokey rooms that you could just about mana(...)

Quarry Road winds up into the hills, on the back road between Shankill and Bray, and Aldaniti is very well positioned: high enough to get views fro(...)

Ever dream of having an ancestral home, but don’t have the ability to go back in time to achieve it? Percy Lodge could fit the bill. Although not q(...)

The art project by Cliona Harmey displays the names of the most recent ships to arrive into and leave from Dublin Port

Irish trains are named for rivers, while the planes in the Aer Lingus fleet carry the names of saints. This creates the lovely idea of locomotives (...)

Just off Booterstown Avenue in Dublin, Castle Court is a small crescent of link-detached homes: the houses are more or less detached but connect at(...)

  Sydney Lodge is that rare and paradoxical thing: a country house in the city. It is on Booterstown Avenue, which is handy for schools, s(...)

Known to locals as the Blue House, Verona is a wonderful puzzle. It’s wonderful both because of its location on Dalkey’s Ulverton Road, with sea vi(...)

Andrew Clancy: Déanta Design

Are you sitting comfortably? How’s the light? Is your cup of tea – or glass of wine – within easy reach? And do you smile with satisfaction eve(...)