As well as currently working on an animated short film, Genieve Figgis   has an exhibition opening in Los Angeles over Oscar weekend.

Caoimhe Kilfeather Artist One of a generation of sculptors from Ireland steadily gathering international acclaim, Caoimhe Kilfeather had a busy 2015(...)

Áine Divine painting Ian McKellen

In a world full of smartphones, selfies and Instagram moments, why would anyone take the time and trouble to draw or paint a portrait? The answer is,(...)

The Capital Paintings by Colin Darke (2004-2007). Courtesy of the artist

In Siberia a group of young artists hold an annual auction in which they sell their art for food. In Glasgow, the Turner Prize is awarded to an archi(...)

Given more recent events, the shock of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in January seems distant, but visiting Paris that month I learned the enormous pow(...)

Nora Hickey M’Sichili: “Paris is a very international city. I’m Irish, my husband is Zambian, so for me it was very healthy.” Photograph: Leon Farrell/Photocall

Parisian taxi drivers smile when you say that you’re from Ireland and want to go to Rue des Irlandais, a quiet street just behind the Panthéon in the (...)

McCullough Mulvin designs: Bessboro House, Cork

What makes cities look the way they do? Most people take them for granted, get stuck in traffic, admire the edifices, use the offices and dream of bi(...)

There are some artworks that slow you down. Standing in front of a Rothko takes time and can engender an emptying of the mind. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP

Possibly as a result of the boom, but definitely as a hangover from the recession, something unpleasant has crept into our culture. It’s all the more (...)

Anxious about your little darlings when you’re out? The NestCam lets you watch, and even talk to your pet remotely. It even has night vision. (...)

Jane Prophet’s artworks Second Skin: Straitjacket & Parka in the exhibition Trauma at the Science Gallery, Dublin. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Here’s an exercise in empathy: the next time you’re dealing with someone who is a little off, or maybe downright rude, try to imagine what’s going (...)

Lorna Ross is director of design at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

I grew up in Dublin and went to NCAD back in the 1980s, and after my degree I stayed on to set up a fashion company, Francobolli. It seems a long way (...)