Ben and Saoirse in Song of the Sea

In the Cartoon Saloon studios, a rabbit warren of spaces housed in a former brewery in Kilkenny, Jackie Cole is drawing mice. On her computer scree(...)

Footballers’ Wives: one of the best things about it was that it never showed any football being played

I used to have a vague addiction to the ITV series Footballers’ Wives. Full of tongue-in-cheek excess, the show centred around the fictional club Earl(...)

‘All the features of old, with the convenience of new,” I’m told, as we look around 131 Tritonville Road in Dublin. From the outside the house (...)

For all those addicted to TV shows such as Restoration Man, where George Clarke watches intrepid families bring amazing old buildings back to their(...)

W hen designer Eily Roe is creating her showhouse schemes, she starts by dreaming up characters. “I see the house, the location and the potential buye(...)

What happens when an architect and a designer get together to design their own home? In the case of John McCarthy and Geraldine O’Brien, of McCarthy(...)

15 Vesey Place, Dún Laoghaire: sea views to die for.

“We bought it by accident,” says the owner of 15 Vesey Place. Almost 25 years ago, the couple had been looking for a London flat, but the house, wh(...)

Before: The Hedge House by GKMP. Photograph: Alice Clancy

One of the problems with architectural photography is that no one actually lives like that. In the same way that air brushed supermodels make some of(...)

Seahorses by Louis Masai

Places gather reputations in different ways. Waterford’s historic walls and towers are a defining feature of the southeastern city, but more recent(...)

 If Dublin Contemporary, which was to have been a quinquennial event, had been a success, we would be looking forward to the next one in 2016. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

You could be forgiven for feeling the first stirrings of festival fatigue. From inspiringly brilliant cocktails of the extraordinary and the amazin(...)