Tuber treasure: dahlia tubers can be used to make ice cream, crisps, chips, soup, rostis or latkes. Photograph: Richard Johnston

It’s at this time of year that responsible-minded gardening columnists typically advise their readers to dig up tender dahlia tubers – the fleshy, und(...)

If you put aside stores of homegrown fruit earlier in the autumn, then now’s a good time to inspect them, carefully removing and using any that are(...)

A productive and easy-to-cultivate plant – some would say too easy – the Jerusalem artichoke will happily grow in sun or light shade and in most soils

Just how and why some plants acquire their common names can be something of a puzzle. Take the Jerusalem artichoke, a glaring example of a horticultu(...)

Depending on the particular species or variety, geraniums intensely perfumed foliage can conjure up memories of fistfuls of rose-flavoured Turkish delight, mint humbugs and zingy cola bottles

Not many plants look as ordinary as the one that grows in a small pot on my kitchen’s sunny window sill. Pressed to describe it, I could only say that(...)

The decorative flowers of the late- summer flowering, highly poisonous perennial Aconitum. Photograph: Richard Johnston

‘Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble . . .” When a hapless Irish chef inadvertently poisoned his wealthy employers back in (...)

An arrangement of decorative autumn seedheads from the garden, including those of the opium poppy, honesty, Thalictrum, Molinia. Photograph: Richard Johnston

It’s when leaves start to fall, flowers start to fade and the low autumn sun throws out its last, fierce shafts of glimmering, golden light that I fin(...)

If I sawed my finger off and stuck it in a pot of soil, it would be a little unreasonable to expect it to grow a whole new “me”. And yet that’s pretty(...)

Resolve. Fortitude. Stoicism. If ever there was a gardener who served as a poster boy for such qualities, it was the late Koichi Itoh, the Japanese (...)

Duilleoga ar snámh, Donn, geal is rua, Ar abhainn na Life, Ag seoladh le sruth . . . Duilleoga ar an Life, Séamus Ó Néill’s wist(...)

I ate five whole blueberries from my garden this year. Yes, yes, I know, it’s a risible amount, especially when compared to last year’s bountiful harv(...)