In the opening paragraph of the title story of her collection Christmas Eve Maeve Brennan evokes the hallway of a middle-class house in Dublin, home t(...)

Phil Lynott performing on stage in 1976. Photograph: Evening Standard/Getty Images

Leighlin, Clonmacnoise, Ferns, Kells, Bangor, Lismore, Clogher. The centre of the corporation estate of Crumlin was started in the year of the Euchari(...)

Last time our ruling class thought there was some kind of historic karma at work - Irish developers flying around in his and hers helicopters was payback for the Great Hunger. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Let’s, just for once, raise a new-year glass to the luck of the Irish. It’s a dreadful phrase and whoever thought it up should be strangled with his o(...)

“In some ways they’re like passengers who have walked away from a car crash, the awful shock buffered by the joy of survival. The sad thing, of course, is that so many of them have indeed walked way”

Like so many Irish parents of advancing years, I have the bittersweet joy this week of grown-up children coming home for Christmas. It’s a time to emb(...)

I’m not sure we learn anything from the arts – except that we need them more than ever. They are a way of knowing unlike all the others, a knowing th(...)

Set for the stage: Pamela Mant and Dearbhla Molly prepare for the opening night of Da, by Hugh Leonard, at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in 1973. Photograph: Kevin McMahon

The long economic boom of the 1960s and early 1970s created a new middle class. The sclerotic social structure of previous decades loosened significan(...)

The Government knows that, unlike Willie Loman in ‘Death of a Salesman’, it is not well-liked. It is supported, broadly, by a large chunk of the population. But there’s very little affection for it. Photograph: Keystone Features/Getty Images

Everybody knows well in advance the way the general election is to be framed. It will be a simple choice: stability or chaos. As a slogan, it has its (...)

RTÉ Investigates: Hugh McElvaney went so far as to claim it was he who lured the broadcaster into his trap

In the local elections last year in Sligo the biggest vote for a single candidate in any one box was that for Michael Clarke in the McGee Memorial Hal(...)

Fintan O’Toole: “I thought perhaps JG Farrell might have been excluded on the basis that he was half-Irish, but so was Laurence Sterne, and Elizabeth Bowen, CS Lewis, Joyce Cary, Jonathan Swift and Iris Murdoch, none of whom was British, got in. Puzzling”

I was one of 82 foreigners enlisted for BBC Culture’s poll of the best 100 British novels. Each of us was asked to pick a top ten. Only half of mine (...)

There is only one way to root out corruption and that is to have an independent, properly resourced anti-corruption body with full police powers. Photograph: Getty Images

Don’t believe a word of it. After last night’s sickening revelations of yet more shenanigans in public life there will be pledges to clean up Irish p(...)