Sometimes all it takes is a dud sentence. Paul Murray’s much anticipated new novel begins: “Idea for a novel: we have a banker rob his own bank.” F(...)

The first chapter of Harper Lee’s eagerly-awaited novel Go Set a Watchman has been released, portraying Scout Finch, central figure of her much-loved (...)

All hail The Book as it was meant to be read – as a book, between covers.

You could paint the house, invest in quality exterior paint, feel very worthy and play Maurice Jarre’s inspiring soundtrack from Witness – you know th(...)

Relentless heat incapacitates a small French town. It is the summer of 1919, and life is not quite back to normal. Adding to the unreality is the p(...)

Among the best short story writers (top row): John Cheever, Eudora Welty, Raymond Carver; (Bottom row): Ron Rash, Flannery O’Connor and Richard Ford

And the rocket’s red glare. The bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there From The Star Spangled Banner (1814)(...)

Cheers to Canada on Canada Day: Canadian writer Alistair Macleod, who writes with an unforced balance of instinct and wisdom. Photograph:  Steve Russell/Toronto Star/ Getty Images

No human lifetime would yield sufficient time to explore the beauties of the Canadian landscape. It is so vast that not even its three million lakes a(...)

Bringing in the wounded of the 1st Bedfordshire Regiment after the assault on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, July 1st, 1916. Photograph: The Art Archive / Imperial War Museum

Sarajevo: June 28th, 1914 On a June morning, exactly 101 years ago today, a royal couple were going through the motions of a state visit neithe(...)

The title alone would seem to give the game away, the game being the author’s intention of challenging a classic novel. At best it could be a contr(...)

Gregory Peck  as Atticus Finch with Mary Badham as Scout and Phillip Alford as Jem in To Kill A Mockingbird, directed by Robert Mulligan. Photograph: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Fathers, as with all manner of human matter, come in many levels of loving and connected such as Bob Cratchit in the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol(...)

Felipe Diaz Carrión has tried his best. He remained in his hometown, married his girlfriend and they had a child. It was a modest life, working in (...)