Girl united: Maisie Williams and David Wilmot in Gold

Niall Heery belatedly follows up Small Engine Repair, his 2006 mumblecore critical hit, with a slightly less off-centre comedy that makes imaginati(...)

When we say an actor steals a scene we leave the suggestion that some sort of bullying or upstaging has gone on. This is not always the case. In Ge(...)

There is invariably a structural flaw to any horror movie from the possessed-doll genre (and the possessed-ventriloquist- dummy sub-genre). The fil(...)

High Grand in The Rewrite: A little older, greyer and funnier than before

They may as well have taped a sign saying “kick me” on this film’s back. Hugh Grant stars as a Hollywood professional (a writer, not an actor) who jus(...)

‘If you, as a Forest Deacon, decide that the Acorn of Plenty – eaten on the Festival of the Squirrel God – is a sacred item then who am I to question its place in your philosophy?’ Photograph: Getty Images

It seems as if the nation is set to jettison one more connection with the Middle Ages. It emerged this week that the Government will seek a referendum(...)

Opinion is divided as to what David Fincher should be doing with himself. His supporters believe an enormous talent is being wasted on adaptations (...)

We know what the kids are looking for. They want movies that create impeccable role models, avoid all but the mildest conflict between generations,(...)

One has to be a little suspicious when a generously budgeted picture is trimmed down to a breathless 92 minutes. Not that one would necessarily wis(...)

Luke Evans as Dracula in Dracula Untold

So, you think you’re British, bus-mates? Have a gawp at this. It is September 2013 (movies take a long time to finish) and we are trundling fro(...)

‘There are nice things to look at in Belfast and Derry (give me a minute, give me a minute), but there’s not much to compare with the British Museum, Tate Modern or Edinburgh Castle. Okay there is some top-notch scenery: the Giant’s Causeway, the lakes of Fermanagh, one side of Carlingford Lough . . .’ Photograph: Getty Images

I bet I know more about Cookstown than you. Having some well-loved relatives in the locale, I have often visited the Tyrone town known – in reference (...)