The last thing we would want to do is stereotype people by age or inclination, but, when it comes to buying Christmas presents, who has time to con(...)

Revolutionary zeal Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Victim of another money-grabbing, last-volume bifurcation, the penultimate episode of The Hunger Games suffered from not having a proper ending. You c(...)

People who are not from Galway sometimes argue that its folk spend too much time parading in huge papier mâché heads. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

How’s about you? Here’s a true story (some details of which have been tweaked). Two weeks ago, I was in Connolly Station waiting for a train to Occupi(...)

“People expect me to be a gregarious party animal,” Seth Rogen chortles. “Which I am not at all. I am generally pretty reserved and I get uncomfort(...)

Sunset boulevard: Kiki Kitana Rodriguez and Mya Taylor in Tangerine

If you know anything about the wonderful Tangerine, you will know that it was shot entirely on iPhones. There is much else to celebrate in Sean Bak(...)

Prep work: Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs

Who were those clapping seals who fell for the messianic zeal of Steve Jobs? I admit to liking the things he made. This sentence was finished on a (...)

Maggie Smith as Mary Shepherd in The Lady in the Van, “the woman Jean Brodie might have become had the wheels come off”.

How much Alan Bennett can you take? More than a few readers of this newspaper – surely, among his natural audience – would reply: “How much have yo(...)

David Sington, director of In The Shadow of the Moon, presents us with an irresistible story in his fascinating, if flawed, new documentary. We won(...)

All you need are two bats, one ball and a net, to unleash all that pent-up cabin fever that winter brings to family dynamics

It’s getting colder, darker, wintrier. You could wrap up, go out and try to catch some of the ever-reducing amount of light. Or you could try some (...)

Gas mark two: Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper  in Burnt, out now on general release

John Wells’s restaurant drama has, in its US reviews, already attracted every culinary metaphor imaginable for something that falls just sort of succe(...)