The general view in the UK is that student loans are about the cheapest money a student will ever borrow and available lump sums could be better used to help them get started, including possibly as part of a mortgage deposit

My son is going to university in Wales. He gets a half loan from Student Finance UK(£3,750 per year ) and a half student grant (£3,500 per year) from (...)

It was very common for couples to buy homes together only to find subsequently that the relationship didn’t last. Photograph: Kate Geraghty

My son and his partner bought a house in 2005 for €200,000 on a 100 per cent mortgage. Unfortunately, they split up a few years later. As a result, th(...)

HydroxyColl can be used to improve bone structure for people suffering with osteoporosis

A fledgling Irish medtech company is looking to raise €15 million to develop and commercialise revolutionary technology that will allow doctors to rep(...)

Irish pension funds ended 2015 on a sour note, with sliding oil prices, doubts over the time of a Fed rate increase and volatile stock markets hitting(...)

The most recent update says that about 14,600 people who held between one and 10 shares in Verizon have  now sold out.  Photograph: Sean Gardner/Reuters

Back in October, you wrote in a column in The Irish Times about “Verizon investors offered low-cost deal” and you mentioned that letters would be sent(...)

Dominic Coyle More than 20,000 Irish shareholders in Verizon have taken advantage of a low cost dealing service to sell out of the company. Howev(...)

Vodafone/Verizon:  special arrangements are being made to allow holders of a handful of Verizon shares offload that stake without incurring excessive charges. Photograph:  Reuters/Dado Ruvic

I read your article last October re the special arrangement being made by the Dublin office of Computershare for small shareholders formerly with Voda(...)

People are allowed to claim tax relief owed from previous years but there is a four-year limit to back-claims.

Taxpayers have been urged not to throw money away as the deadline for claiming tax relief looms. Every year millions of euro in relief, to which Ir(...)

 The cost to the exchequer of State pensions is expected to increase substantially over the lifetime of the current workforce. Photograph: John Cogill/ Bloomberg

Increasing retirement age and changing the way pension increases are indexed are options the Government needs to consider to avert a crisis in a State(...)

Michael McKenna, chairman, and John Fox, chief executive, at the Merrion Pharma egm. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Shareholders in Merrion Pharma have approved the sale of some IP assets to partner Novo Nordisk and the transformation of the company into an investme(...)