On right, the tiny hedgehog previously unknown to science that lived in a British Columbia rainforest some 50 million years ago; left, an ancient relative of the modern tapir known as Heptodon. Image: Julius Csotonyi

Scientists have unearthed a fossil of the earliest hedgehog yet known. The critter, which is also the smallest hedgehog species ever found, lived 52 m(...)

David Finlay, Trinity College Dublin, and Orla O’Sullivan, of Teagasc, at the announcement of some ¤23 million in awards to early and mid-stage researchers through Science Foundation Ireland in Dublin today. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times.

A very different kind of tattoo could provide a way to help diagnose conditions such as liver failure and eczema outbreaks, according to a young resea(...)

A lot of science comes down to measuring things. How strong was that earthquake? How far to the most distant galaxy? How old are those Neanderthal bon(...)

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and makes up about 15 per cent of our body weight. Photograph: Getty Images

It is exquisitely tailored, smooth and beautifully finished yet hard-wearing, fully water-proof and breathable. It also has all the extras you migh(...)

Engineer Dr Henry Curran  was one of three NUI Galway academics included on the list.

Eleven researchers based in Irish universities have been ranked among the world’s top 3,000 by the multinational media body Thompson Reuters. Inclusi(...)

Dr Emmanuelle Graciet, who is trying to counter plant diseases.   Photograph: Emma Moseley

Each year, millions of euro of taxpayers’ money flows into scientific research. Announcements are made and pictures are taken. But what happens wit(...)

Dr Alison Campbell: “Engaging with the business community means you have a greater chance to see your research having a broader impact.”

A fresh approach to the commercialisation of research may be on the way following the recent launch of tech transfer body Knowledge Transfer Ireland. (...)

The chimps’ efforts have been repeated by other species in these preserves including mountain gorillas, buffaloes, forest elephants and golden monkeys.

Light-fingered chimpanzees living in protected forests in Rwanda have taken to raiding farms for a free meal rather than bothering with their natural(...)

In 2012 Mario Moretti Polegato from Italy was a winner at the European Inventor Awards for the invention of the vapour-permeable, Geox shoe. Photograph: Getty Images

Wouldn’t you love to have been the person who invented the soft close hinge? Revenues for the furniture company that developed it run to more than €1 (...)

Research fraud certainly does take place and sometimes to a spectacular degree

Mention the word fraud and what is the first thing you think of? Little surprise if your response was banks or bankers, although they have hardly cor(...)