US biotech company Vaccinogen is setting up a research lab on DCU’s campus to develop vaccines that attack any cancer cells left over after surgery to reduce cancer recurrence

A US company looking for a research base found one in Dublin, but in the process also found something unexpected – a technology that could revolutioni(...)

Jennifer Lorigan, mediator at the Science Gallery in Dublin, with a display by artist Katharine Dowson titled Memory of a Brain Malformation. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

A woman who was stalked for 25 years turned this trauma into healing by depicting it through art, according to a new exhibition. The terrible impact (...)

Beekeepers on both sides of the Border are being asked to count the Verroa mites in their hives

Nobody likes being buzzed by a bee, given the risk of a painful sting, but don’t be too quick to swat it. Bees play a vital role in the human food (...)

The Great Island Power Station, Wexford. Key interconnector,  the “Celtic Interconnector” will link Great Island in Wexford with La Martyre in France.  Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Electricity interconnectors linking Ireland to France and Britain, as well as two North-South interconnectors, are included in a list of “key” ener(...)

Cormac Gollogly and  Richard Dowling last September, in Kilshane House, Tipperary, when they were joined in civil partnership. Photograph: This Modern Love

When Richard Dowling and Cormac Gollogly tie the knot this morning it may seem somewhat familiar. They were already joined in a civil partnership on S(...)

Dr Maria McNamara: The  palaeontologist is studying dinosaurs with the help of human volunteers. Photograph:  Tomas Tyner, UCC.

People will be encouraged to reveal their inner dinosaur at a Science Week event in Cork City Hall. It will separate the top predators from the scave(...)

You can tell your boss it is biology not attitude that causes you to be indifferent. Photograph: Thinkstock

If you lack enthusiasm, feel indifferent or apathetic please do not stop reading. Researchers believe they know why you couldn’t be bothered. It is al(...)

Artists’ impression of Philae lander on the surface of Comet  67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Photograph: ESA Medialab/AFP/Getty Images

The reasons why the Philae lander bounced rather than fixed itself to Comet 67P have been revealed by flight controllers of the Rosetta satellite miss(...)

The  Alimentary Adventure inflatable exhibit  explaining the digestive system in Cork City Hall. Photograph:  Michael MacSweeney/Provision

The messy business of how our digestive system works is revealed in a Science Week show by the London Science Museum that offers visitors a step-by-st(...)

Why do onions make you cry? And can apple seeds poison you? Read about these five fascinating food facts to get the answers. Food is the theme for (...)