An ancient Irish oak sample from a bog in Ulster shows narrowing of tree rings indicating very dry conditions leading to the “failure of bread”, as described in the Annals of Ulster.

Drought repeatedly triggered periods of violence, famine and conflict during the Dark Ages, with researchers able to pinpoint when periods of severe d(...)

Everyone knows Tyrannosaurus Rex was a super predator, but did that beast also snack on carcasses left behind by other predators? File photograph: Getty Images

Vultures and hyenas have provided the inspiration for a study that helps establish who got to eat what during the age of the dinosaurs. Some were mi(...)

Ian Burkhart (24), who has regained functional use of his hand through the use of neural-bypass technology, playing a video-game guitar. Photograph: Ohio State University/Batelle

A man with paralysed limbs can now pick up a spoon or hold a phone to his ear with movements controlled by his thoughts. A broken neck left him quadr(...)

The university groups that will share the payout include University College Dublin, University College Cork and the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. File photograph: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

New medical treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease and rare conditions could flow from a multi-million euro research award jointly funded by Sc(...)

We are still only scratching the surface when it comes to understanding what our DNA and its 24,000 genes are doing

Scientists sometimes hold the most remarkable powers in their hands in the application of new knowledge, particularly when it remains uncertain how th(...)

Eat less and live longer is the simple message from professor of biology and biogerontologist Prof Steven Austad. File photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Eat less and live longer is the simple message from an expert in the natural process of ageing. His advice has nothing to do with dieting, it is resea(...)

From left: Dr Gerard Clarke, APC Microbiome Institute and Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioural Science, UCC; Alan Hoban, APC Microbiome Institute and Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience, UCC; and Prof John Cryan, APC Microbiome Institute and Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience, UCC. Photograph: Alexander Zhdanov

Scientists in Cork have discovered a previously unknown connection between the mix of microbes in our gut and how our nerves work. The finding could(...)

The Col de Traversette pass through the Alps. Photograph: GoogleMaps

The 2,000-year-old argument over the great general Hannibal’s route through the Alps has been settled with the help of geochemists from Dublin City Un(...)

The northeast coastline of the Greenland ice sheet is seen in an image from NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) field campaign from an altitude of about 12,190 meters. Photograph: Reuters/NASA

A geothermal “hot spot” deep under the Greenland ice sheet is combining with global warming to cause the three kilometre thick slab of ice to melt fro(...)

Chernobyl, 2006: Abandoned bumper cars and a never-used Ferris wheel in the centre of the empty city of Pripyat, 3km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The Ferris wheel was to be opened on May 1st, 1986, but the explosion at the plant happened  on April 26th.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Three decades on, disagreement continues over how many people died as a result of radiation released by the explosion in Chernobyl reactor four. Est(...)