‘Some people will feel very ashamed and embarrassed they don’t have friends on call, but many older people lose friends and spouses.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Loneliness. We all know the feeling of being isolated, alone, unconnected. For most of us it might just be an off-day, but loneliness can become a (...)

The Famine sculpture in Dublin. “Incremental dentine collagen analysis” can show what children’s diet was like during the Famine. File photograph: Frank Miller

The teeth of children who died during the Famine carry a hidden history of their short lives and tragic deaths. Chemical analysis of the teeth using a(...)

The spectre that a form of brain damage associated with Alzheimer’s disease could infect healthy people via certain medical procedures has been raised by a research group in London

The spectre that a form of brain damage associated with Alzheimer’s disease could infect healthy people via certain medical procedures has been raised(...)

About one in 50 people acquire some kind of infection during a period in hospital, leading to major expenditure in follow-up care.

You have less risk of catching an infection during a hospital visit if you stay in a private room rather than a ward. The risk goes up by abut 20 per (...)

iStan, the latest medical simulator technology, was on show in Bradford at the ongoing British Science Association’s annual Festival of Science.

Meet iStan a “patient simulator” who can start the day as a 20-year-old fit male but then become an 80-year-old smoker with a bad heart after lunch. T(...)

An artist’s impression of stone monoliths found buried near Stonehenge which could have been part of the largest Neolithic monument built in Britain, archaeologists believe. Photograph: EPA/Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project

A €2.5 million study has just been launched to study the last remaining unexplored region of Europe. Known as Doggerland and about the size of Ireland(...)

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and one of her dragons in Game of Thrones.

An unsung chicken hero had a central part to play in bringing dragons to life in the TV series Game of Thrones. Special effects people purchased a sup(...)

The Scottish government is planning to ban cultivation of all forms of genetically modified crops

I have a sneaking suspicion the world is not round, it is actually flat; not completely flat, mind you, but mostly flat. I know many will object to th(...)

Position of stone row at Durrington Walls monolith”superhenge” (green circles)  near Stonehenge in a British Science Association image. It may have as many as 90 large standing stones. Photograph: Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project/PA Wire 1:28

Researchers have discovered a major prehistoric stone monument 3km away from the famous Stonehenge standing stones. The enormous Durrington Walls “su(...)

A UK study has linked extra screen time with poorer exam results. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Spending more time watching television, using the internet or playing onscreen games is associated with poorer school grades, a UK study has found. B(...)