Older people, particularly when ill or disabled, are not just another group of adults; effective care needs to be informed by the science of gerontology. Photograph: Thinkstock

Gothenburg is a handsome city with imposing stone and brick buildings, simultaneously sober and ornamented, set among green hills falling to two archi(...)

High-quality films for children have a special place in our cultural landscape. To reach beyond children to adults requires a sure touch for ta(...)

Born as copies, we die as originals, and in every department of geriatric medicine, this formula provides an unstated but rich counterpoint to our work. Photograph: Getty Images

‘Every old man I see”, wrote Patrick Kavanagh in his Memory of My Father , “reminds me of my(...)

Following the Leas Cross report, standards for nursing home care and an independent inspectorate were instituted in a speedy and collaborative manner. Photograph: Eric Luke

Praising the HSE is assuredly a minority sport. Yet a sad aspect of recent years has been the sustained “talking down” of the Irish health service. De(...)

This week’s column is filed from the annual meeting of the US Transportation Research Board. Held every January in Washington since 1920, it is the la(...)

David Cameron, the British prime minister, addresses the key health ministers in all G8 countries about the fight against dementia. Photograph: Crown Copyright

For those who care about a better life for those affected by dementia, an early Christmas present came from an unexpected source. The G8, the group of(...)

‘MAN COMES as a novice to each stage of life,” wrote Chamfort, the great French aphorist. As we stand at the threshold of these episodes, we generally(...)

The touching video by Donal Walsh, the heroic Kerry teenager who died earlier this year, was a stand-out moment in efforts to combat the heartbreak of(...)

Few actors have been so able to dominate a film screen – often to the point of overshadowing the rest of the cast – as Jack Nicholson. The conflicting(...)

‘Just enjoy the film, Dad, you don’t always have to write about it,” is a familiar refrain from my family on our sporadic outings to the movies. Yet c(...)