Footballer Rio Ferdinand: “People have a perception of who you are through the image that’s painted of you through the media . . . so Twitter allows me to present a real version of myself.” Photograph: Reuters

In the pantheon of technological luminaries gracing the stages of this year’s Web Summit, imparting wisdom and insight about the wide-ranging role of (...)

Rio Ferdinand, QPR footballer on the sport stage of Web Summit. Photograph: Brendan Moran/Sportsfile 2:03

Soccer player Rio Ferdinand has confirmed he won’t appeal a three-game ban and £25,000 fine after directing a jibe on Twitter to a follower who had cr(...)

 Tony Fadell of Nest  on the centre stage at today’s Web Summit 2:03

Nest, the connected-home device company purchased by Google for $3.2 billion earlier in January, this morning announced a major deal with Electric (...)

Actor and businesswoman Eva Longoria in conversation with Jemima Khan of Vanity Fair at the Web Summit in the RDS, Dublin, yesterday. Photograph: Naoise Culhane/Sportsfilet

He might be the world’s worst water salesman, but Enda Kenny has a distinct flair for touting Ireland as the most business-friendly little country in (...)

Eva Longoria at the Web Summit, where she was interviewed by Jemima Khan. Photograph: Eric Luke

The Summit has grown exponentially since its rather more ‘boutique’ dimensions in 2010, and that relentless growth has seen the event take over most o(...)

Author David Epstein has delivered a TED-talk quality performance at this morning’s Summit. debunking the fabled 10,000-hour maxim that practice is th(...)

Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has become a critical piece of our everyday communications infrastructure, nearly as ubiquitous as email or text m(...)

Multinational folk act Mutefish busking on Grafton Street. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Back at the end of the last century, I would regularly attend a star-studded gig on Sunday evenings with a group of college friends.The line-up featur(...)

The  unmanned  Antares rocket lifts off towards the International Space Station shortly before exploding on Tuesday evening. Photograph: AP

Has an explosion ever reverberated around the world quite as fast as the ill-fated Antares on Tuesday evening?The privately owned, un- manned rocket, (...)

Kevin Vickers, sergeant at arms for the House of Commons  in Ottawa,  reacts to a long-standing ovation  on Thursday Photograph:  Canadian Press, Adrian Wyld/AP

Ottawa is one of those rather sleepy new-world capitals, chosen as a centre of administration due to its strategic position on the border between Onta(...)