A supporter of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi uses a slingshot to shoot stones at police and anti-Mursi protesters during clashes in central Cairo this week. Photograph: Reuters/Asmaa Waguih

The West’s message to the disenfranchised people of Egypt roughly translates as: “Only when you elect a leader that suits our purposes will we apply t(...)

It is strange to see pro-democracy supporters in Egypt taking to the streets to demand the resignation of their first ever democratically elected president. Photograph: Reuters

Probably the hardest part of a successful revolution is bringing it to an end. Seldom are the revolutionaries all in pursuit of the same goal, so it f(...)

A suicide-prevention campaign in the past featured Irish rugby stars Rob Kearney, Shane Horgan and Keith Gleeson. Photograph: Frank Miller

On Tuesday, a HSE suicide prevention officer was reported by this newspaper as revealing that provisional figures for last year show a 20 per cent (...)

Women’s groups on a march to  the Dáil to protest about the trivilialisation of rape. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

According to the organisation’s annual report for 2011, the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre received almost 12,000 calls to its national 24-hour helpline du(...)

Walter: normal relations suspended while he had his revenge

Last Sunday, my wife decided to pack me, Liam and Walter into the car and head to the beach. Summer was making one of its occasional, fleeting (...)

It was soon apparent that the women had no intention of saying only what they thought their audience might like to hear. When I had raised this(...)

Mural in Sandy Row, Belfast: “We accuse politicians of perpetuating division and sectarianism in Ireland, but their role has been minimal in comparison to that of the historians.” Photograph: Alan Lewis

One might be tempted to dismiss as outlandish Fintan O’Toole’s fear (Culture Shock, April 20th) that history is set to be marginalised in the e(...)

Read all about it: British newspapers came in for  heavy criticism in the Leveson inquiry. Photograph: Rosie Hallam/Getty Images

Journalists tend to receive a bad press and, unfortunately, often with due cause. Recently in the UK the seedier side of news gathering was lai(...)

Detail of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel shows the “Creation of Adam”, a panel in the massive narrarative work by Michelangelo. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Is there more truth in art than religion? That was one of the topics for discussion on a recent edition of The Big(...)

Representatives of An Post and The National Women's Council of Ireland at a photocall in March 2011 to unveil the issuing of two stamps to mark International 
 Photograph: Bryan O'Brien

‘I love strong women,” was my friend’s final contribution to our chat about a woman we both admire. I agreed with her, and nearly added: “Proba(...)