Stephansplatz, Vienna. In economic terms, Austria’s social partnership is often considered a model with the rate of unemployment in the Alpine state never once rising above 5 per cent since 1950. Photograph: Getty Images/Gallo Images

This week there has been much looking back at the 1913 Lockout, the most serious industrial conflict in the history of Irish labour relations. It may,(...)

The case in favour of higher alcohol prices to cut consumption is weak and getting weaker

Sex and alcohol are two of life’s great pleasures. But the purchase of both raises perennially controversial issues. Currently, momentum is building t(...)

Total spending by the State fell considerably last year, while its combined sources of income rose slightly, according to public accounts figures publ(...)

Dublin house prices jumped 3.6 per cent in June, the largest increase since the CSO began compiling the series in 2005, while apartment prices declined 2.3 per cent. Photograph: Frank Miller

Developments in residential property prices last month provide further evidence that the market is rising slowly, having reached a floor. Compared wit(...)

Reports this week that the South African bank, Investec, will enter the mortgage market are to be welcomed, but this will not be a game-changer

The figures speak volumes. After an uninterrupted freefall in property prices over many years, a very clear inflection point was reached early last ye(...)

Even in the direst shanty town and favella in the developing world, kids are to be seen running about, smiling and laughing. But among the few who mak(...)

A woman walks past a union flag attached to a shuttered shopfront on the Shankill Road in west Belfast last  December following violent protests over restrictions on flying the flag from Belfast City Hall. “If anyone is in any doubt about how conflict disrupts business, just ask Belfast’s hard-pressed merchants.” Photograph: Reuters

Just how accurate is the cliche that we live in an ever-more globalised world? As technology allows more human activity to take place across borders; (...)

Average weekly incomes among the elderly dropped by 5 per cent from 2009 to 2011.Photograph: Alan Betson/The  Irish Times

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that the elderly have suffered financially less than other age groups during the recession.The ave(...)

ECONOMYEurope’s recession is over.If there wasn’t quite a bout of spontaneous rejoicing in the continent’s streets yesterday, there was much relief am(...)

There are indications that Ireland emerged out of recession between April and June, following yesterday’s confirmation that the euro zone as a whole h(...)