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The gym can be a life-changer, or it can be an incredible waste of money. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Exercise is a method of converting fat into pain. And yet, over the next week or two, many people – who really should know better and who probably ha(...)

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Jason Brogan: “The only thing that should be in a doorway at Christmas is snow.” Photograph: Damian Cullen

When a fiver fell from the pocket of a rain-soaked, tattered coat, the owner immediately offered it as payment for the new jacket he was about to try (...)

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The Christmas dinner: ‘I read about the recommended alternatives to turkey and ham, but I’m sticking with tradition.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

He sees you when you’re running, He knows when you lift weights, He knows if your snacks are bad or good, So, well, do whatever you want for goodne(...)

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If you’re blessed with a body that can eat a horse while maintaining the figure of a boa constrictor, then, well, good for you. However, not all skinny people are healthy, and we must remember that. Photograph: Thinkstock

Since we began this health and fitness drive, we have changed many of our habits, but not – naturally enough – our family, friends and colleag(...)

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