Lady Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe with her husband. Photograph by permission of  the director of National Botanic Gardens

Historically, women have not always had the easiest time in the sciences. Yet some female scientists still blazed a trail in botany, and three of t(...)

An image from Science Hack Day 2014 in the Innovation Academy at UCD

A walk-through laser maze; an automatic feeder for calves; a low-cost piece of kit to take medical measurements; a radio-controlled car that can bu(...)

Much of the information for big data logging your way through the day comes from sensors, from cameras and smartphones and, of course, from the internet

In the film Moneyball (based on the nonfiction book), Brad Pitt plays baseball manager Billy Beane, who helps to turn around the fortunes of his te(...)

Dr Cathal Gurrin: “Many years ago, nobody was that interested in what I was doing.”

Dr Cathal Gurrin wears a camera around his neck. All day. And that camera automatically takes pictures several times a minute. All day. This has been(...)

Antonia Schultze, Jim Moloney and Cathal Mariga of Midleton College, Cork, at the launch of MakerDojo. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

If you fancy getting hands-on with science, technology and engineering, then Maker Dojo could be just the thing. The new, twice-monthly sessions at(...)

The Spire on O’Connell Street in Dublin can physically change depending on the weather. Photograph: Getty Images

The amazing shrinking Spire; star-struck bling; the odd phenomenon of hurtling through space when you feel as though you are standing still. Th(...)

If the signalling process in your brain goes awry, for whatever reason, it can lead to problems, including brain disorders or diseases. Image: Getty

Every second of the day, your brain is fizzing with activity. Your neurons send signals to each other across a tiny gap between them, in turn spreadin(...)

Art by Rob Doyle on a traffic light box in Cabra, inspired by a game Hamilton invented

When William Rowan Hamilton etched the formula for quaternions into Broombridge at Cabra one October morning in 1843, his act of graffiti made a ma(...)

Where was the last wild mammal you spotted in Ireland? Perhaps you spied a fox stealing across a yard, a seal surfacing offshore or a rabbit hopping a(...)

A French cod-fishing boat handling a large trawl. Photograph: Marcel Mochet/AFP/Getty Images

Our relationship with cod hasn’t always been plain sailing, and a new project led by a researcher at Trinity College Dublin wants to bring that his(...)