Taste is a powerful sense and can evoke vivid memories, but the primary function of our senses is far more basic. Background: a microscopic image of a tongue and taste buds. Images: Thinkstock, Getty

Think about biting into a slice of lemon: its acidic sourness makes you wince. Now imagine a sip of double espresso: the bitter pang of caffeine is(...)

Dr Cliona Murphy, a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in Dublin. Photograph: Barry Cronin

Late or heavy periods. Prolapse. PCOS. Leaky bladder. If any of those sound familiar, you are not alone. Gynaecological issues can crop up any time fr(...)

In many cases, gynaecological issues are irritating, and in severe cases they can be debilitating. But when should you go to see your doctor? Here (...)

Émer Hickey, Sophie Healy-Thow and Ciara Judge from Kinsale, Co Cork, winners of the BT Young Scientists of the Year 2013 title. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

When Ciara Judge, Émer Hickey and Sophie Healy-Thow decided to enter the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, they didn’t know how much work (...)

Dr David Mckeown, based at UCD is using maths to control space rocket vibrations

Science is about asking questions, and then by figuring out answers we can solve some of life’s great mysteries and problems. Some of the questions Ir(...)

Sthenurines: the largest of the species could grow to an estimated 240kg

What word springs to mind when you think of a kangaroo? “Hop” would probably be on the list. Hopping is an efficient way for today’s kangaroos to m(...)

A microscopic view of bacteria in the digestive system

Do gut bugs get jet-lagged? Trillions of microbes collectively make up the “gut microbiota”, and, according to a study out this month, when the host’s(...)

From left, Gerard Scully, Angela Doyle and Nicholas Nolan, participants in the chronic illness exercise rehabilitation programmes at DCU.

Surviving a heart attack is a major life event, and it usually takes time to rebuild fitness. Exercise can help reduce the risk of having another card(...)

‘Blood Vessels’ by Charlie Murphy 4:25

A new exhibition at Dublin’s Science Gallery is tapping into a challenging vein. It is called Blood, and it lives up to its subtitle, Not for the F(...)

A new website and app called Hello Brain, developed by researchers at Trinity College Dublin, offers suggestions for daily conditioning tips or “brain buffs”

Do you brush your teeth every day to keep them in good working order? Chances are that you do. But do you also consciously take steps to protect your (...)