Adam Boyes, vice-president of publisher and developer relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America, speaks about “Destiny: The Taken King” video game during an event ahead of the E3  in Los Angeles. Photograph: Patrick T Fallon/Bloomberg

As the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2015) draws to a close, the games industry will be taking stock. It was a year when not only were there no ma(...)

Guitar Hero, a game that puts you on stage with the band, in front of a real crowd,  close enough to see their reactions – and they aren’t shy about sharing it with you

Making ordinary gamers feel like rock stars – that’s what Guitar Hero originally set out to do. So when it came to resurrecting the series after five (...)

Cyberith’s Virtualizer: the device can read sitting and crouching movements, as well as walking and running

It was inevitable that virtual reality (VR) would get more of a show at this year’s E3. From Oculus Rift to Sony’s Project Morpheus , interest has be(...)

Oculus Rift: The headset looks a bit cumbersome, but it’s light and relatively easy to put on
Oculus Rift

Have you seen the new Oculus Rift headset? The consumer version has finally been unveiled, due to go on sale next year, along with the new Oculus Touc(...)

Run Phones

Remember the Sleep Phones? Well now they have a more active counterpart. Run Phones are aimed at those who have an active lifestyle. They’re similar t(...)

Suffering from gadget fatigue? All smartwatch-ed out? Who could blame you, with a new smartwatch vying for your attention every month? They’re needy t(...)

The Last Guardian was starting to feel like a bit of a unicorn. Announced in 2009, it had a release date of 2011 for the PlayStation 3…that came an(...)

Dreams allows you to create your own world from scratch.

Some things really have to be seen to be understood. And sometimes, even when you see them, you still don’t understand. But when it comes to Dreams(...)

Attendees react to  announcements during a Sony event ahead of  E3 in Los Angeles. Photograph: Patrick T Fallon/Bloomberg

At E3 this year, Sony had a lot to live up to. Earlier in the day, Microsoft had pulled off a people pleasing press conference, announcing a mix of(...)

David Rutter, vice president and general manager of Electronic Arts, speaks with retired professional soccer player Pele. Photograph: Jonathan Alcorn/Bloomberg

You know what to expect by now from EA. Each year, the company shows off updated versions of its sports games – FIFA, Madden and NHL – and adds som(...)