There are plenty of options for headphones these days, from budget earbuds to high-end studio headsets that will set you back a nice chunk of change. (...)

Nokia 635

Nokia has been banging out the Windows Phones at a fast rate as it tries to regain some of its customer base and its new owner Microsoft continues to (...)

Mega Man 6

Wii U owners will receive a healthy dose of nostalgia with the arrival of the 1990s title Mega Man 6 on the virtual console. The game follows the mach(...)

Another week, another trip down memory lane for Nintendo. But Siesta Fiesta is worth the journey. Available through the 3DS eShop, the title combines (...)

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PS4 owners have some time to wait before Ratchet and Clank make it on to the next generation of consoles, but that doesn’t mean Insomniac Games has be(...)


Android notifications may be coming to Chromebooks, but for the rest of us there’s PushBullet. The app lets you pick up notifications from your phone (...)

While it once was a hit-and-miss affair that was more frustrating than useful, voice recognition software has evolved over the years and it’s now possible to ditch the keyboard with confidence in favour of the mic

Voice recognition is working its way into every aspect of our lives, from our cars and phones to games consoles. Siri for iOS made it all seem (...)

€99.99 Aldi is also branching out into smartphones, with the Medion Life E4001. The Android smartphone has a 4-inch touchscreen and is powered b(...)