€269 TomTom has been doing wearable fitness tech for a while. There was the partnership with Nike that saw it release a GPS watch to link in with Nike(...)

Sega’s Crazy Taxi has gone mobile and freemium, bringing the game to a whole new generation of players. Built specifically for the touchscreen mobile (...)


Online shopping may be popular but sometimes there are just too many options. Do you shop local or go for the big-name retailer? Are you really gettin(...)

Assuming you are old enough to have moved out of home, it’s probably been a while since your parents chastised you for leaving the fridge door ajar. I(...)

There are plenty of options for headphones these days, from budget earbuds to high-end studio headsets that will set you back a nice chunk of change. (...)

Nokia 635

Nokia has been banging out the Windows Phones at a fast rate as it tries to regain some of its customer base and its new owner Microsoft continues to (...)

Mega Man 6

Wii U owners will receive a healthy dose of nostalgia with the arrival of the 1990s title Mega Man 6 on the virtual console. The game follows the mach(...)

Another week, another trip down memory lane for Nintendo. But Siesta Fiesta is worth the journey. Available through the 3DS eShop, the title combines (...)

€479 Hands up how many people still carry a camera with them on a night out? How about special occasions? How about ever? It’s a dwindling numb(...)

$100 Smartphones and battery life have a troubled relationship. That’s bound to get a little more strained, thanks to new airport regulations o(...)