Flann O’Brien: taking up the pickaxe

A number of experimental writers and editors were gathered together by the poet and creative-writing teacher Dave Lordan at the Irish Writers’ Centre (...)

Collaboration: Alice Lyons and Orla McHardy made The Polish Language

Poetry films are bursts of sweetness and stimulation. They vary hugely. Some are as simple as a film of the text of a poem, but just as a music video (...)

Girls practice their cursive handwriting on a blackboard in 1935. Photograph; Harold M Lambert / Getty Images

When I was in primary school, I envied my friend Anna. When we practised our handwriting in headline copies in Miss Murphy’s senior infants class, she(...)

Not many books about creativity are works of art in themselves, but What It Is (2008) and (...)

It’s tempting to race through the stories in Alan McMonagle’s second collection one after the other, but they deserve to be read individually a(...)

Suzanne Vega, a former English major, has often been inspired by literature, not least in her song Calypso, which she included in her set at the Olympia.

The classics weave themselves into the cultural fabric of each generation. Last month the New York singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega played a rare(...)

At the Cork Spring Poetry Festival, which runs in the city from February 12th to 15th,will be John McAuliffe, this paper’s poetry critic, who will rea(...)

The Coen brothers’ new film, Inside Llewyn Davis, is loosely (and, according to some who were there, inaccurately) based on this memoir of Greenwich V(...)

Photograph: Paolo Vescia/New York Times

At first the vast amount of glass in the buildings seems like good taste. Everything here is carefully thought out. The chrome, the blond wood, the br(...)

At Winter Tales, in  Dalkey: Frank McGuinness. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

nChristmas is the busiest time of the year for booksellers – and readers – so it’s a bit surprising that book festivals, so abundant at other times, a(...)