The arts and crafts house on Shattuck Avenue where Alice Waters opened Chez Panisse in 1971 looks like a cross between a music box Swiss chalet and a Shinto temple

It’s a long walk with a bag full of heavy bombs. Well not bombs exactly. But explosive bottles of Alex Hozven’s kombucha from The Cultured Pickle S(...)

Restaurant of the year: Harry’s Restaurant and Bar in Inishowen, Co Donegal

Of all the bare-bricked and filament-bulbed gin joints in all the world – I’ve walked into more than my fair share in 2014. It was the year that Ir(...)

Brother Hubbard’s middle eastern breakfast plate.

Tis the season of goodwill to all men, right? Even those who have opened achingly hip cafes and hotels. So, no grousing about the two new brunch ve(...)

We start with a story about a Swedish lawyer named Mikael Jonsson, who also wrote a food blog and threw astonishing dinner parties for his friends.(...)

This being Belfast, the three silver moons on the walls of Eipic have already been put in their box. “Michael you must get all the channels here wi(...)

It’s disconcerting to see the drops of clear liquid harden and cloud like candlewax when they hit the glass table top. Is this what’s happening in my (...)

Dublin has a “Creative Quarter” according to a recent press release. This is news to me. Apparently it’s just off Grafton Street. Maybe it’s where (...)

Some sea buckthorn berries foraged by Catherine Cleary on North Bull Island in Dublin

It’s a ridiculously frustrating fruit, a superfood, the trendiest thing in some restaurants since the goat and beetroot salad. And it grows like a wee(...)

Listen closely and you might hear the sucking sound of aspic sealing as you sit down on a padded dining chair in Hunter’s Hotel. Tuck the heavy lin(...)

The New York Times called it the Fried Calamari Index. Here’s how it works: put any word into the fiendishly clever algorithm that is the paper’s g(...)