Pity the poor bronze boy in Midleton. He’s being chased across the grass in the east Cork town by furious bronze geese, his shirt tail gripped forever(...)

Restaurant Forty One doesn’t do spontaneity. At least that’s how it feels when I phone at 7pm on a sunny Wednesday and get a recorded message that (...)

Michelin’s announcement that none of its 14 new stars are going to Ireland has gone down like a rates bill in the gossip-loving Irish restaurant world. Photograph: Chef Mikael Viljanen (left), Lady Helen in Mount Juliet (top) and Galway restaurant Aniar.

Chefs Mikael Viljanen and Stephen Toman can take some comfort from the fact that they don’t have to congratulate any other newly starred Irish chefs t(...)

Garrett Byrne, head chef and proprietor of Kilkenny’s Campagne restaurant which has retained its star.

The Michelin Guide has awarded no new stars to Irish restaurants with no change to the nine starred restaurants in the 2015 guide. A list released by (...)

Garrett Byrne, head chef and  proprietor of Kilkenny’s Campagne restaurant.

The winners in the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2015 are published tomorrow. Kilkenny got two new stars last year with Garrett Byrne’s Ca(...)

Mike the tour guide is doing his best, but his patter is playing like handball against a haystack with a coachload of exhausted Irish people. His j(...)

It serves me right really. Our Chinese waiter, Lei, looks a little alarmed when we order the Bossam, a dish of spiced pork belly with trimmings. “E(...)

The last thing anyone running a restaurant in rural Ireland needs is a snarky critic riding in on her high horse and looking down her nose at the food(...)

The blackface sheep of Achill Island are built to cling to one of the windiest edges of the edge of Europe. In hippy Afghan-length fleeces they set th(...)

At some point in the best meals there’s a sweet spot when a mouthful makes you inexplicably happy. The food writer Trish Deseine wonders at it. How d(...)