Filmmaker Alex Gibney and writer Michael Pollan worked on the Netflix documentary series, and Pollan says: “One of the great things about writing books or making documentaries is that you get paid to learn.”

Michael Pollan is finished finger-wagging. The writer and journalist wants to lure rather than lecture us back into our kitchens. And the man who coi(...)

Okay February. I give up. As an antidote to your squally freezing days, I am queuing for quinoa. We are standing on dug up Dawson Street in some water(...)

The Elephant’s Ear sounds like a Farrow and Ball colour. So it seems fitting that the smell of fresh paint greets us at the bottom of the stairs. We’(...)

Call me a cranky old dame but I’m starting with the uninvited guest at the table. It feels like it was born in snowy Connecticut, blasted across the (...)

The things you plan the least sometimes turn out the best. This is why every right-thinking person hates St Valentine’s Day. Scheduling a day for roma(...)

There’s a queue outside the Happy Pear as people line up in the chilly light for redemption with a light sprinkling of chia seeds. But we’re headed somewhere a little less well-known

‘Now that’s better,” the woman walking up ahead says. “Walk in a civilised manner.” It’s not clear whether she’s talking to her husband or the dog. We(...)

A shoe full of ice cold puddle water has been my gift from the gods on the journey home tonight. So it’s good to have a bellyful of fire beef fro(...)

Gautham Iyer might just be Ireland’s most zen chef if a recent Facebook post is anything to go by. It is a simple samosa photograph with an extraordi(...)

Dream dinner: A flight to Stockholm, a four-hour train trip and a further drive will get you to one of the world’s most remote restaurants, Faviken

Welcome to the pleasurable spiderweb. That’s how restaurateur Danny Meyer summed up his hospitality philosophy in a Creative Minds talk in Dublin org(...)

Ruth graduated in November and went to work as a chef de partie at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, having worked there part-time since her second year in college

Dearbhla Reynolds Fermentation Fermentation is only going to get bigger in Ireland this year. Dearbhla Reynolds of the Cultured Club fizzes with ent(...)