What does a dragon eat for lunch? I’m on the prowl before heading to University College Cork (UCC) to cast a cold reptilian eye over the final-year pr(...)

It’s a sign of a great book when you dine out on its yarns. I’ve been doing that with Bee Wilson’s Consider the Fork, a history of people through t(...)

Rhubarb and fennel salad with Cashel Blue and potato crisps. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Planting rhubarb is a job for optimists. On a drizzly winter day I dug a hole and put what looked like a flaky piece of blackened root in the groun(...)

Ferran Adrià holds a watery tomato up like a ruby. Then he tosses it in the air, pulls out a six shooter and blasts it to pulp. Pow. Okay that last(...)

A delicious nugget in Bill Bryson’s One Summer: America 1927 centres on Harry Stevens, the Englishman who made more money from baseball than any pl(...)

Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

What do you do when you’ve just lost your crown as world’s best chef? If you’re René Redzepi you take off your suit jacket, roll up your shirt slee(...)

W e’re not between the canals anymore Toto. We are over the rainbow in the burbs looking at a menu with town prices on it. It’ll be interesting to see(...)

It’s quite the statement to grasp a wine bottle by the neck shortly after noon and give it a good shove. The bottle is the handle on the door into Pep(...)

Fish Shop sits at the bottom of a townhouse near the Luas line in Queen Street, Dublin

It’s difficult to imagine a street less regal than Dublin’s Queen Street. Especially this evening, with a cold sky starting to spit rain. Three lan(...)

The cathedral has closed. Welcome to the prayer meeting. Our first offering is a couple of ‘spherified’ olives. They glisten like bullfrog’s throat(...)