It took a juicy offer to lure Dubliner Trevor Moran out of his job as head chef at the Catbird Seat in Nashville, Tennessee. René Redzepi dangled just(...)

A few weeks ago I trekked up a weedy unpromising slope into a magical place. It’s the NCAD Community Garden where I met a philosopher composter. Al(...)

I’ve a friend who still gets misty-eyed at the memory of potato skins with salmon, prawns, hollandaise and spinach. It was a dish on the menu at wh(...)

Amanda Cohen became a vegetarian mostly to annoy her parents, 26 years ago. Her teenage culinary rebellion became a way of life into her 20s an(...)

Like the Sixties, if you remember Sleazy Street – sorry, Suesey Street – you probably weren’t there. But the Leeson Street nightclub of 1980s and 1(...)

‘You had people only having a glass of wine with dinner . . . Now it’s not unusual for the €35 bottle of wine to be ordered’

It’s a small but steady change. You’ll notice it in desserts that start at €7.50, bigger deliveries of sparkling water, the bottle of good wine instea(...)

Hard luck: Kevin Thornton,  whose two-decade relationship with Michelin stars ended with a tweet. Photograph: Alan Betson

Restaurateurs were acting like bleary teenagers this week, constantly swiping their phones. Why? It was the annual bloodsport that is the release of t(...)

Jules Restaurant on Dame St. in Dublin.Photograph: DAVE MEEHAN

Meet Jules. He’s your ageing uncle strapped into a biker jacket and skinny jeans. Jules is the new restaurant in the building that was Les Fré(...)

Eamonn O’Reilly (second left), owner of The Greenhouse, and chef Michael Viljanen (third left) celebrate with staff yesterday. Photograph: The Irish Times

Two decades as a Michelin-starred chef ended with a lunchtime tweet for Kevin Thornton on Wednesday. Did anyone contact him before the list hit social(...)

Our waiter has spent a lot more time on his hair than either of us. There’s a food truck parked up beside us, even though we’re in the depths of a han(...)