You have to admire the chutzpah of the welcome. As he’s leading the way up the stairs, the Scottish wine bar guy has asked whether it’s a first vis(...)

Mark Moriarty prepares a dish under the watchful Stephen Gibson (Pichet), Neil McFadden  and Marc Amand (La Rousse Foods) back in 2012. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Mark Moriarty’s home economics teacher, Brian Dooley, told him he should start at the top if he wanted to be a chef. “So I drafted a letter with my m(...)

A friend calls Lisbon Europe’s most underrated capital when we tell him we’re off there for the weekend. There’s such a lot to love in its barrelly(...)

There is a visual allure to a stack of thick American pancakes.

Like everything else in life, pancakes seem to have gotten more complicated. In our house they’re simple. If the question is: “What’s for lunch(...)

W hat is it about back lanes that brings out a school kid urge to go on the lam? It seems like restaurants down laneways lend themselves to a bit o(...)

Menu labelling in the US will only apply to restaurants with 20 or more outlets – such as fast food chains –  vending machines, amusement parks and prepared foods in supermarkets.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The howl of rage from the Irish restaurant trade over this week’s news of Cabinet approval for calorie counts on menus contrasts with how the move is(...)

T here’s woodsmoke in the night air making Cork city centre smell like an alpine village. A man sees me out for a run and utters a pure Cork comment a(...)


A Michelin-starred chef is going down the bistronomie route. But we need a new word (gastrosteria maybe) to describe it, because it’s not French but m(...)

The net curtains are neat. In another place they’d tip into twee. But this room has the bone structure to carry them off, like a frumpy haircut on (...)

It’s more like a family gathering than a restaurant. I’m sitting in a candlelit room full of warmth on a dank winter night. Some of the people at the (...)