Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

What do you do when you’ve just lost your crown as world’s best chef? If you’re René Redzepi you take off your suit jacket, roll up your shirt slee(...)

W e’re not between the canals anymore Toto. We are over the rainbow in the burbs looking at a menu with town prices on it. It’ll be interesting to see(...)

It’s quite the statement to grasp a wine bottle by the neck shortly after noon and give it a good shove. The bottle is the handle on the door into Pep(...)

Fish Shop sits at the bottom of a townhouse near the Luas line in Queen Street, Dublin

It’s difficult to imagine a street less regal than Dublin’s Queen Street. Especially this evening, with a cold sky starting to spit rain. Three lan(...)

The cathedral has closed. Welcome to the prayer meeting. Our first offering is a couple of ‘spherified’ olives. They glisten like bullfrog’s throat(...)

Here’s a restaurant that feels like it was dreamt up by a bunch of enthusiastic 11-year-old boys. I like it. Bread & Bones is a ball of energy,(...)

The temptation to chintz up the tearoom must have been difficult to resist. What else to do with an ornate Victorian park shelter but stuff it with(...)

There’s a new animal in Dublin’s dining jungle: Söder and Ko is a gastroclub. Remember the food you used to get in nightclubs? Obligatory chicken a(...)

Fiskekyrkan (The Fish House) one of Gothernburg’s top restaurants Fiskekyrkan

G ive me a second city any day. They’re funnier and more friendly than a glossy and poised capital. Self-deprecation is the schtick of Gothenburg, (...)

We have a shrieker at the next table. I’d like to ask her to use her indoor voice. “She went to the bathroom and everything got quiet,” the friend (...)