A Garda issues a speeding ticket  near Ashbourne, Co Meath. Photograph: Frank Miller

Road fatalities tend to be higher in counties with a lower rate of penalty points, new analysis shows. A regional breakdown of penalty points s(...)

Lobby groups such as the AA argue a shortage of Garda checkpoints has had an impact on driver behaviour. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The trend, which emerges in an Irish Times analysis of data for road deaths and traffic projections, poses a number of pressing questions for those(...)

Extended family: grandparents now do more childcare than creches

Time was when grandparents could put their feet up and enjoy a well-earned retirement, safe in the knowledge their energy-sapping days of child-rear(...)

Bridget McMahon with her grandchildren Lara Rose (6) and Aoife May (4) , at Lucan Co. Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Bridget McMahon (68) is one of a growing army of grandparents rediscovering a role many thought they had put behind them: childminding.The mother of (...)

Empty chairs:  high costs mean that less than a quarter of Irish children go to creches. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The high cost of childcare is creating immense problems for many Irish parents. It is causing stress, preventing parents from working and driving them(...)

The gap between young and old isn’t nearly as wide as you might think, based on the results of The Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI “Family Values” opinion poll

The changes to the Irish family within a single generation have been dizzying: In the late 1960s, just 3 per cent of children were born outside marria(...)

‘Many older people grew up in a different era where we had to deal with distorted and unhealthy attitudes towards sex,’ says Anne Dempsey of the Third Age Foundation, a voluntary group which promotes active ageing. Photograph posed by models: Thinkstock

The common ground shared by young and old in relation to family values in the Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll comes as little surprise to many whose work (...)

Marie and John McPhilemy with their daughter Lucy: ‘It will be a special day when the law changes.’

Marie McPhilemy is used to hearing she’s the spitting image of her daughter.“We both have fair fair, and the same broad cheeks,” she says. “Though she(...)

Cappahard Lodge, in Ennis, Co Clare:  in breach of conditions on care plans. Photograph: Brian Arthur/Press 22

The State’s mental-health watchdog has expressed concern at the continued failure of a number of care facilities to draw up individual care plans for(...)

Research found up to 78 per cent of properties in Dublin where tenants were on rent supplement did not comply with basic legal minimum standards; with mould on walls, no running water, vermin and windowless rooms

One landlord received almost €700,000 from the State in rent supplement payments last year.Figures released to The Irish Times show some top-earning l(...)