Martin Dooher prepares a meal at his home in Galway. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

For most of his life, people assumed Martin Dooher wasn’t capable of making decisions for himself. Most of his life was spent in institutions o(...)

The cost and quality of childcare has become a major political issue. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Up to 25,000 additional low-income families may benefit from access to affordable childcare under plans being considered ahead of next week’s budget(...)

Drivers are currently required to pay a fixed-charge notice for penalty points within 28 days . Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Government plans to close a loophole that allows tens of thousands of people to escape conviction for penalty points offences are unlikely to be in(...)

A Garda operates a speed camera: Almost 150,000 drivers who were ordered to appear in court over the past two years were not convicted

Four out of five drivers summonsed to court over penalty points offences are escaping conviction, new figures show. Almost 150,000 drivers who were o(...)

The latest report by the Child Care Law Reporting Project also documents a number of cases of good outcomes for both young people in care and their parents where support was provided.

A case of a young girl who ate baby formula from a tin because there was nothing else in the house, was among those detailed in a report of 37 cases (...)

More than 10,000 people received methadone last year as a treatment for drug addiction. Photograph: Getty Images

Health authorities are seeking funding for the roll-out of an alternative to methadone for treating people with heroin and other opiate drug addict(...)

Philly McMahon: “I grew up here, I love it, it was a brilliant place for me. I’m happy here.” Photograph: The Irish Times

As a kid, Philly McMahon and his friends used to see who could kick the ball highest against the side of Ballymun’s tallest tower block. “At a lot of (...)

Philip (43) has been in recovery and using methadone for the past 15 years. He says he would welcome any alternative which could help his rehabilitation. Photograph: The Irish Times

The first thing Philip (43) does each morning after waking up is to reach for a plastic bottle with green liquid. “It’s sweet, a bit like cough medici(...)

Tara Flynn speaking at the March for Choice organised by the Abortion Rights Campaign in Dublin city centre. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times.

Organisers of a pro-choice march in Dublin which attracted thousands of demonstrators have called on political parties to hold a referendum on abortio(...)

The scarring effects of long-term unemployment in the 1980s and early 1990s were especially difficult to tackle. Photograph: Aidan Crawley A total of just under 15 per cent of children live in jobless households, latest figures show. File photograph: Aidan Crawley

More than 180,000 children are growing up in households where no one is in employment, according to new figures. A breakdown of Quarterly National Hou(...)