First round: students check the CAO website as offers are published. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Even though most of the focus for college is on the CAO system, there are alternative career paths. The further education (FE) sector has opportunitie(...)

 What course will get you out of bed on a cold January morning next year and for the next three to four years? Illustration: Getty Images

For the next weeks and months, more than 80,000 students will attempt to manoeuvre their way through a maze of subject offerings, college advertising (...)

The Central Applications Office (CAO) is a not-for-profit company established by the higher education institutions in the Republic of Ireland. The co(...)

Checking the CAO first round offers in August 2015. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

January 2016: Register your application with Your first step is to register your intention to seek a CAO college place immediately. If (...)

Life is a journey of exploration and discovery. Any adult reflecting on their own career journey since school realises that expecting a young person (...)

Leaving Cert: If you were eligible for Dare in 2015 and are considering reapplying to the CAO to start college in 2016, you may carry forward your eligibility

QUESTION: I hear there are changes to the third-level alternative admissions scheme for school leavers with disabilities. I was eligible for it last (...)

If possible, volunteer to assist in a dig next summer before you commit to a degree programme in September. Photograph: Thinkstock

QUESTION: I am doing my Leaving Cert this year and have always wanted to be an archaeologist. I am particularly interested in excavating and finding (...)

Each year the tables show very large numbers of students who go to college attended schools in socially advantaged communities, and that they tend to opt predominantly for universities and teacher training

The percentage progression rates of past pupils of 677 second level schools in Ireland, published in the feeder tables in the following pages, do not(...)

There are 100 schools in Ireland where the number of students who took the Leaving Cert in 2015 is 80 per cent or less than the number who took the exam in 2014

Falling numbers of students in schools affect perceived progression rates to college in an unexpected way. There are 100 schools in Ireland where the(...)

She may have done all of the appropriate research and discussed her decision with her guidance counsellor but has now decided architecture is not for her. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q My daughter started architecture at university in September but is most unhappy with her course and is about to give it up completely. While(...)