Any existing CAO applicant who has yet to get an offer they want can place an advertised Available Place in any slot on their application record. The CAO will accept new applications from any person interested in courses, but only in courses on this list. Photograph: Reuters

There has been a huge acceptance rate among CAO applicants for places offered so far. The CAO has received up to 30,000 acceptances on level 8 honours(...)

Application deadlines have passed for many continental European degree programmes but some are still open for courses from September, particularly in the Netherlands

There are a number of reasons you may not have a CAO offer. First, you may not have got the Leaving Cert or PLC exam result you were hoping for, or(...)

Weighing up your options: if you are unfamiliar with the course or college you have been offered, do not accept it until you have fully explored it on Photograph: Thinkstock

Wherever you are in the world, when you log into your CAO file this morning, if you are happy to accept one of the two possible offers on the scree(...)

Trinity College Dublin

When students who got college offers from the CAO this morning chose their Leaving Cert subjects and levels in early 2013, and made their final cou(...)

For those of you who get their first choice course on their level 8 list, the choice is simple – just click on the accept button on the screen and print your acceptance notice. Photograph: Getty Images

On Monday at 6am about 80 per cent of those seeking a college place based on their Leaving Cert results will getting an online offer through the CAO i(...)

In 2014 there was a surge in applications for computer science degrees. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

The question uppermost in the minds of most Leaving Cert students – and their parents – since the results came out on Wednesday is whether their resul(...)

Checking up: You can access the marking schemes for every paper and see how they were applied in your case. Script viewing is in schools on Friday evening, August 28th, and all day Saturday 29th. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Since the release of the Leaving Cert results, students’ and parents’ questions have poured into the Irish Times helpdesk. Anxiety over whether the s(...)

Once you have got over the initial excitement of seeing your grades in print, your mind will turn to your points score if you have applied for a college place through the CAO process

In the early hours of this morning, some 700 school principals collected the results of this year’s Leaving Cert from their local post office. Over(...)

The number of students taking chemistry is up 4.2 per cent to 7,533, with an increase of 0.6 per cent in honours grades

The big success story of this year’s Leaving Cert is the growth in numbers taking higher-level Irish, and getting honours in it. Almost 20,000 stud(...)

If you opt to view an exam script, you must personally view the script: you cannot send someone to view it for you, although a parent or someone else you nominate may accompany you

If you have any quiestions about your Leaving Cert result you can get free, expert advice, in real time, from our career guidance panel at irishtim(...)