The Ramones: Gold standard

‘Voice, guitar, bass, drums. Simple, speedy, stripped-down rock’n’roll.” Eddie Vedder’s description of The Ramones’ eponymous 1976 debut album mimicke(...)

This big: James Hetfield

Metallica will open their headlining slot at the Glastonbury festival in two weeks’ time with a cover of Oasis’s Wonderwall. It’s a neat move, repl(...)

Lily Allen: these days it’s all about showing up at  product launches

With a No 1 single in Ireland and the UK and strong showing in all the European charts, Lily Allen did very well with her comeback single last Decembe(...)

Jack White: Lazaretto

For his follow-up to the rollicking Blunderbuss, Jack White went for “a potluck of sounds”, from garage rock to rockabilly to bad-ass country rock. In(...)

Here’s a second volume of hits and singles from Paul Weller, culled from Heliocentric (2002) up to Sonik Kicks (2012). It’s sometimes easy to forget j(...)

Two major media events took place last Saturday. Kanye West married Kim Kardashian in Florence, and Real Madrid beat Atlético Madrid in the Champio(...)

Born trippy: Brian Eno and Karl Hyde

One song has got to work pretty hard to link Jeremy Clarkson, Nick Clegg, the Apollo moon walk, an Olympic opening ceremony, any number of videogam(...)

Gary Barlow:  makes One Direction look like Maoist revolutionaries

Thank God for Lily Allen. She was the first, and so far only, musician to call Gary Barlow out for plunging tens of millions into a tax avoidance sche(...)

They should have called this album Chris’s Cri de Coeur as this short (42 minutes), nine-track affair is lyrically dominated by tear-soaked sentime(...)

Spit on me, Bob: ‘No other performer f---s with his fans like Dylan’

What’s worse, waking up an alcoholic or waking up as the editor of a Bob Dylan fanzine? That’s the question one of the contributors to a new bo(...)