In July, the first of the five houses in the new development on Temple Road in Dartry came on the market. Called Avanti it was different from t(...)

A Dublin 4 Georgian house, once the home of Seamus Ross jnr of Menolly Homes, is for sale – again. The detached house at 31 Wellington Place has seve(...)

Student union: things liven up when pupils have their say in A Different Class Student union: things liven up when pupils have their say in ‘A Different Class’

Early in A Different Class (RTÉ One, Thursday) it’s clear that this isn’t going to be an observational documentary with the grit, humour and insigh(...)

1 Cremore Park, known as ‘the manse’

In its long-established Glasnevin neighbourhood, number 1 Cremore Park has always been referred to as “the manse” – and with good reason. From when(...)

Spook show: Stellan Skarsgård as a London copper who can’t get the dead out of his head in the BBC’s River

The opening sequence of River (BBC One, Tuesday) reels me in. A woman and a giant of a man are in a car; she’s eating junk food and singing along to T(...)

Claire Danes: mesmerisingly good in the fifth season of ‘Homeland’

Catching the first 30 seconds of Tuesday’s RTÉ news before switching to the new series of Homeland (RTÉ2) causes the sort of jolt that makes the Am(...)

  The young family who bought 51 Ailesbury Road in 1995 moved into a house that needed, as the owner says, “pulling together”. Coming from(...)

Clean Break: Aidan McArdle, Kelly Thornton and Adam Fergus

It’s not quite as rare as that orange moon, but a new Irish-made drama on RTÉ is a long-awaited sight. In Clean Break (RTÉ One, Sunday), a new crime s(...)

Servant class: Phyllis Logan and Lesley Nicol display some comic spark in the final series of Downtown Abbey

So Downton Abbey (UTV, Sunday; TV3 Tuesday), which is back for its sixth series, has turned into Acorn Antiques, that inspired 1980s soap opera parody(...)

Viewers who have seen the brochure for Robin Hill on Ben Inagh Park and who are driving into the short cul-de-sac off the Rock Road in Blackrock mi(...)