It doesn’t look very cool, does it? Unless you’re talking degrees centigrade. But for much of the 1970s, this unlikely collection of stalls, cramme(...)

A wash and brush up for Goldsmith in the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin. Photograph: Tom Lawlor

Let’s face it, we all need a bit of a wash and brush-up every now and again. And if you’re standing, day after day, at the busy corner of Dame Street (...)

Paddy O’Leary: ‘I don’t know what motivates people to go up Everest now; climbing over dead bodies, and passing by people who are dying.’ Above, O’Leary in Connemara, with the Twelve Bens in the background. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

When you’re out among hills and mountains, you get a different view every time you turn a corner. So it’s appropriate that a newly published history o(...)

Paul Durcan in front of a mural in Sandymount: in Breaking News, the poet recalls the final conversation between himself and Seamus Heaney on Sandymount strand. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Paul Durcan is adding another packet of sugar to his cappuccino. “God,” he says, by way of apology, “I’m a terrible man for the sugar.” But he keep(...)

Maud Gonne MacBride with her son Sean MacBride (right) and grandson Tiernan look over ‘an album of photos of Troubled Times in Ireland’

We’re so used to hearing about the beautiful, feisty actress who inspired a thunderbolt of love in WB Yeats that it’s almost impossible to imagine the(...)

Somewhere in caption heaven, there exists the perfect line to accompany this news photograph. You’re welcome to have a go at finding it if you like. I(...)

The annual horse fair at Muff, near Kingscount, Co Cavan

Having grown up in Monaghan I’d be inclined to say that you never know what you’d find lurking around the hedgerows of Co Cavan. Even for Cavan, th(...)

Paul Eddington, star of the television series, ‘Yes Minister’, opening  the Holiday and Leisure Fair at the RDS in Dublin, 1984. Photograph: Peter Thursfield

I f ever there were to be a competition to find the most familiar face on television – I know, I know, these competitions happen every 15 minutes on s(...)

Andrew Fox: ‘The idea of getting voices for the characters was important. But also there’s the sense of being overwhelmed by something.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

So whereabouts in New York do you live, I ask the writer Andrew Fox. “Second Avenue,” comes the reply. He pronounces “avenue” like a New Yorker bor(...)

W hatever the woes of the Football Association of Ireland – and no doubt they are many – crowd control issues are not, thankfully, at the top of the l(...)