A polar bear in the Northwest Passage

The recent blustery weather has provoked a chorus of laments about dark evenings, winter just around the corner, and the need to scrabble in the wa(...)

Photograph: Andrew Testa/New York Times

It is just after 8.30pm on a Tuesday, and Howard Jacobson is sitting at his desk in London, his computer still on, waiting to finish his working day. (...)

When you think of movie piracy – or rather, the massive global endeavour that is anti-piracy – this is probably not the kind of image that springs to (...)

Wanjiru Kamuyu: ‘I was thinking of the love-hate relationship with hips and butt. Wanting it yet not wanting it’

You don’t necessarily expect a contemporary dance show to be concerned with the global beauty business and the big stick it brandishes over women –(...)

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Company’s Much Ado About Nothing, at Castle Yard at Kilkenny Design. The Kilkenny Arts Festival continues until August 17th.

With flash floods and thundery downpours forecast for its opening weekend, there were plenty of anxious faces among the organisers and volunteers a(...)

The Basiani Ensemble from Georgia singing in the rain outside Kilkenny Castle yesterday to mark the opening day of the Kilkenny Arts Festival. Photograph: Pat Moore

Clowns on the Parade. Clouds inside St Mary’s Chapel. Bold geometric shapes at the Butler and softly resonating glass sculptures at the National Craft(...)

Artist and teacher Cathy Dineen, who is an avid walker and benefits from ‘the long think’ she has while out walking, says her pieces have been influenced by the techniques of icon painting

Cathy Dineen’s studio is a bewitching place. It’s as if the fairy godmother of small stuff had flown in, waved her wand and sprinkled every availab(...)

We hear a lot about Brendan O’Carroll these days, thanks to his world-conquering Mrs Brown alter ego. We don’t hear so much about that other comedi(...)

Once upon a time, one of the greatest film-makers of all time took on the challenge of adapting one of the greatest novels of all time for the big (...)

No offence, guys – but isn’t Cinderella supposed to be a one-off? Isn’t she supposed to step gracefully from her magic carriage like a vision of perfe(...)