Family history: Elizabeth McCullough’s  mother, Dorothy, and Dorothy’s father

If you were setting out in search of Irish family stories you probably wouldn’t head to North Berwick. This pretty seaside town on the Firth of For(...)

Babe in the woods: a 25 year-old Enda Kenny being shouldered into the Dáil in 1975

We like to feature pictures of baby animals in this column. We also, sometimes, feature baby politicians. Like most babies they tend to be joyful crea(...)

Richard E Grant: “There are 1,100 perfumes released every year. It’s like a 57-year-old man saying, ‘Right. I’m now going to release a pop record.’ You don’t stand a chance in hell. But here I am”

Richard E Grant has appeared in everything from Gosford Park to Doctor Who, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Downton Abbey. He has even made a wildli(...)

 Best Day Out in Ireland 2015 - #bestdayout . Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly.
The Best Day Out in Ireland
  • Travel
  • April 18, 2015, 01:00

  The Irish Times is running a competition to find the best way to spend the day in Ireland. We’d like to find the country’s best hi(...)

Our photo is still a mystery: we don’t know when, or why, it was taken.

At first glance it might be a John Hinde postcard from the olden days. That old favourite: tranquil scene from rural Ireland in which man with cap and(...)

Ireland in the middle of the Swinging Sixties. The glamour; the excitement; the thrill of working in an industry whose star was on the rise. It makes (...)

From Clare Langan’s gorgeous three-screen film installation, Floating World at Carlow’s Visual arts centre.

Dust. Our solar system is made of it, and so are we. Though it can be irritating – when it gets up your nose, for example, or congregates under the co(...)

Gealltanas (2002), airbrushed and ebonised oak, gold leaf, pearlescent ink and slate

Emmet Kane’s A Journey starts with the familiar: a series of wooden boxes and bowls, turned on a lathe in the late 1980s, the cherry and elm polish(...)

It doesn’t look very cool, does it? Unless you’re talking degrees centigrade. But for much of the 1970s, this unlikely collection of stalls, cramme(...)

A wash and brush up for Goldsmith in the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin. Photograph: Tom Lawlor

Let’s face it, we all need a bit of a wash and brush-up every now and again. And if you’re standing, day after day, at the busy corner of Dame Street (...)