Michael Fitzpatrick, head pharmacist at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, with some of his staff. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Unique environment Pharmacy is unique within the hospital environment because of the different and complex roles it has. This is even more evid(...)

During a stress-management day for exam-year students at the Loreto Secondary School in Wexford town, students were offered art therapy and other workshops. Photograph: Patrick Browne

The Leaving Cert exams may be seven months away, but try telling that to the students who are already being bombarded with reminders of how quickly th(...)

Gemma O’Connor with her children Dara (left) and Finnán: ‘I am definitely one of the lucky ones.’

The weather hasn’t been too bad lately but winter is not far away and with it come the usual coughs and sneezes. However, while mild doses of this kin(...)

Ethan and Autumn Hurl: Ethan “asked us to help make him better as he wished ‘things would go back to normal’.”

Karen Cafferky has three children – Rachael (23), Autumn (6) and Ethan (5). Undoubtedly she has a busy household so she and her husband, Joe Hurl, are(...)

If you have developed breast cancer, early detection continues to be the most important factor in staying well. Photograph: Thinkstock

Dr Janice Walshe is the consultant medical oncologist who treated Liz Yeates during her illness (see story on opposite page). Although more than 2,800(...)

Construction workers and hospital employees wear pink hard hats and form a giant pink ribbon to promote the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, at the UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center construction site in La Jolla, California, in the US. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

Diagnosis and survival Although Ireland’s rate of breast cancer diagnoses is very high, survival rates are encouraging, says Naomi Fitzgibbon of the I(...)

Liz Yeates: ‘I had spent the week preparing myself for the fact that I might have cancer, but when I heard the word mastectomy I completely fell apart.’  Photograph: Dave Meehan

Instead of burning your bra, the Marie Keating Foundation is calling on the women of Ireland to donate their unwanted bras to help raise money for bre(...)

Former postman  David Love Cameron who now grows vegetables for Michelin-starred restaurants. Photograph: Paul Wilkinson

Antrim postman David Love Cameron had been green fingered for as long as he could remember, and set up his own modest gardening business in 2011. Litt(...)

The sooner a problem is treated, the better the results, and further irreversible lung damage can be averted. Photograph: Thinkstock

In 2012, more than 5,500 people died from lung disease in Ireland. It is estimated that this is the cause of one in five deaths across the country, gi(...)

Giving up: It has been proven that people vote with their pockets and, if the price becomes  prohibitive, it will act as a major deterrent. Photograph: Thinkstock

Every week in Ireland, more than 100 people die from smoking-related diseases. This figure is so high because 20 per cent of the adult population i(...)