Rebecca Adlington with her Olympic golds, left, and posing for Hello! with Summer, her most prized possession

She won two gold medals in the 2008 Olympic Games yet swimmer Rebecca Adlington has said that she regards giving birth to her daughter Summer as her “(...)

Daddy issues: How did this guy become a poster-boy for Father’s Day?

Are men stupid? They are when they become dads, if the amount of fatherly tat in stores in a town near you is anything to go by. Receiving a pa(...)

A scene from Listen,  the winning short film at the  Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) Human Rights Film Awards 2015.

Listen, a short film about a foreign woman, wearing a burqa, who has been beaten by her husband and is struggling to make herself understood to Dani(...)

Does having some feathers at the top of your washing-up gloves make you a better cleaner? Do feathers make you sexier? Will feathers do anything for y(...)

Amy: “You can’t get comfortable because they’ll just find another way to undermine what you are doing.”

Amy* came out of an abusive relationship two years ago. She was 25 when the relationship began. I met a guy and he was really nice and I think I was (...)

Kate: “When I got pregnant things changed drastically.” Photograph: The Irish Times

Kate* is a single parent living in Dublin. She had a son at a young age. Her mother died suddenly when her son was four. She says she was “lost”. Then(...)

Callers to Women’s Aid said they “were kept prisoner in their own homes, cut with knives, stabbed, spat on, punched, slapped, kicked, held down and choked and beaten with household items”. Photograph: Getty Images 8:24

Women’s Aid received more than 16,000 reports of domestic violence against women and nearly 6,000 of abuse of children last year, according to its ann(...)

It’s official. Chocolate is good for you. People who eat up to two bars of chocolate a day have a lowered risk of heart disease and stroke, accordi(...)

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald told participants at the National Women’s Council’s Feminist Futures conference: “I am here as the Minister for Justice and I’m here as a feminist.” Photograph: Dave Meehan

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald urged people to “throw out the stereotype” that women do not help each other as she addressed participants at (...)

He is 94 years old on June 10th. He is married to one of the most famous women on the planet (no, not Kim Kardashian) and he costs the British taxp(...)