Number 43 Glasthule Road is an architect-owned, semi-detached house that was extensively remodelled in 2007. The owner bought the property in 1995.(...)

Mount Merrion is a lovely old-fashioned suburb with a great neighbourhood spirit, good-size houses and proximity to many well-considered schools. Y(...)

Number 32 Avoca Avenue is one of eight Regency-style properties that front on to Avoca Avenue in Blackrock and form part of a larger development to t(...)

Terenure village has become a real hub with a collection of thriving artisan shops and cafes. Though it is situated on a busy crossroads it retains a(...)

Deep-filled comfort Bo Concept has a new deep-filled sofa, Carlton, that comes with a nest-like feather and down wrap and cast aluminium T-shaped l(...)

Seán Murtagh was savvy enough to realise that the four-bedroom semi-detached house that he and his wife lived in, in Ballinteer, could be used to t(...)

When the owner of number 8 Killeen Road in Ranelagh bought the redbrick terraced house five years ago the property had a lean-to kitchen to the rea(...)

On the fly The swallow migration to Africa is about to start but you can hang these birds on your wall all year long. They look far more fetchi(...)

Niamh Lunny: before she starts designing, she reads the script once for pleasure, then again to get a handle on the characters. Photograph: Eric Luke

There is no gold star on her door, a long narrow space with an industrial sewing machine to the fore. As head of the costume department of the Abbe(...)

A frog chorus, a chicken run and bees buzzing make 27 Annadale Crescent in Dublin 9 reminiscent of an episode of The Good Life. Owned by photographer(...)