A dad's life:Saturday morning and we are woken to the banshee wail of the elder blundering through our bedroom door, and throwing herself on us in de(...)

A DAD'S LIFE:Why did it have to be horse meat? Horse, of all things. Trying to get a burger or a bit of spag bol, maybe a spot of chilli, down the ki(...)

A Dad's life:There I was. Smooth skinned, relatively wrinkle free, puffy faced from beer and next to no exercise. I’m only getting brief glimpses of (...)

A DAD'S LIFE:The elder is on a “mental health day”. I’m not sure how she wangled it, but it was announced last night that she would not be attending (...)

A Dad's Life:Topics I have a fear of discussing: The Troubles with anyone from north of Balbriggan; the Premiership with anyone who supports Man U (I(...)

A DAD'S LIFE:‘You’re too hard on her and easy on the other one. Give her a break,’ says the missus. Immediately shackles rise. I’m no tougher on one (...)

A DAD'S LIFE:My kids have long-life baby teeth: they refuse to go. Like itty bitty stained ceramics, they sit atop their gums long after their sell-b(...)

Sitting in a sea of cardboard boxes, out with the old, pack up the not so old, move on, move house again. Death, divorce, moving house, they’re the bi(...)

A DAD'S LIFE:And we’re still all here. “Daddy, when you were young, did you know then that it was the olden days?” Mmm, yeah, well the olden days hav(...)

A DAD'S LIFE:The meat aisle in the supermarket is where I get caught. All those special offers on steaks and artisan sausages. I want them all. You s(...)