1. Which 1975 smash put Chief Brody and Matt Hooper in maritime danger? 2. Which animated hit spawned a hit featuring penguins earlier this year? 3. W(...)

Planet Business

Image of the week: Great Rainfall of China Extreme volatility is still the dominant weather pattern across Chinese financial markets, with Wednesday’s(...)

Sir, – I can never “unsee” that little boy’s lifeless body. We have room for refugees. We have room. – Yours, etc, CAROLINE CONNOLLY, Dundalk, Co Lout(...)

The Fennelly report

Sir, – I suspect that in the next election many voters, while not wishing to sack the Taoiseach or even to ask him to resign, may have “difficulty in (...)

Revenue and the rights of workers

Sir, – “Workers on Government-funded building project ‘employees’” (September 2nd), which revealed how workers on a public project were “incorrectly” (...)

Forests and climate change

Sir, – The importance of Dr Tom Crowther’s research cannot be overemphasised and should be carefully studied by international policymakers (“Planet’s (...)

Campbell Soup said yesterday that its quarterly profit slightly topped expectations on higher gross margin as the company cut costs amid a consumer sh(...)

A clean sweep for Galway

Sir, – I have been very pleasantly surprised by how clean and tidy the city of Galway and surrounding countryside were on a recent visit compared with(...)

The hermetically sealed chamber had twice the normal atmospheric pressure

For three decades, the Dublin Port Diving Bell stood idly by on Sir Rogerson’s Quay, looking vaguely impressive, but useless. It was big, oddly shaped(...)

Noel Skehan, former Kilkenny goalkeeper,  in Bennettsbridge, Co Kilkenny. Photograph:  Dylan Vaughan

Some people keep their Christmas decorations up all year to save the hassle of taking them down. In Kilkenny, they may as well leave their black-a(...)