On the up: 2014 was another good year for many investors in the stock markets. Photograph: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The year may be ending in turmoil as Russia lurches towards a financial crisis, but overall 2014 was another good year for investors. With markets acr(...)

Street entertainment at the announcement of the Telecom Eireann share offer price and allocation in Dublin in 1999. Photograph: Eric Luke

My wife and I both purchased shares in the Telecom Éireann flotation and, while we both sold some of these soon afterwards, we did retain some of the (...)

As 2014 ends, the buy-the-dip trade continues to work its magic.Stocks soared last week after the Federal Reserve said it would be “patient” in decidi(...)

Walkers, cyclists and tourists

Sir, – I fully agree with the idea of opening up walking trails throughout rural Ireland. Both from the point of view of encouraging tourism and also (...)

Oireachtas banking inquiry

Sir, – I was bemused to read (“Finance staff went home to find out what was in budget, banking inquiry told”, December 19th) of Rob Wright’s surprise (...)

A chara, – In relation to the extraordinary attack on Sinn Féin by Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett (“Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett claims Sinn Féin used h(...)

Sir, – Noel Whelan (“2014: The year of recovery, or the year of the water uprising?”, Opinion & Analysis, December 19th) writes that historians, w(...)

Sir, – I write to you in full support of the need to improve the monitoring of care homes for the elderly and vulnerable people. However, there is on(...)

A vegetarian Christmas

Sir, – While I truly appreciate the sentiments expressed in Gerry Boland’s letter (December 22nd), namely that “the most compassionate choice at Chris(...)

Dáil behaviour

Sir, – I suspect Arthur Boland may be somewhat late in his suggestion that TDs be guillotined (December 22nd). Judging by the way so many Dáil members(...)