A boy thows an egg at an image of Vladimir Putin in Kiev in May. Photographs: Sergey Gapon/AFP/Getty

Twenty-five years after the Berlin Wall fell and communist regimes collapsed across central Europe, Ukraine is being torn apart (...)

Yulia Zubrova (left) works with other volunteers to make a camouflage net for a Ukrainian army tank. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

Volunteers often quicker than the state to fund, buy, make and deliver kit to eastern front-line

Members of the Ukrainian delegation (left) and members of a Belarussian delegation during talks in Kiev, Ukraine. Photograph: Mykola Lazarenko/EPA

Russian-backed separatist rebels accuse Kiev of sabotaging the halting peace process

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in the Polish parliament in Warsaw yesterday. New peace talks involving Russia, Ukraine and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe may be held in the Belarussian capital Minsk on Sunday. Photograph: Reuters/Slawomir Kaminski

EU and US see slight shift in Russian stance as Ukraine’s leader eyes Nato membership

Chechen activist Akhmed Alikhadzhiyev at a Kiev rally he helped organise for solidarity between Ukraine and Chechnya. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

Kremlin opponents based in Ukraine are planning how they can to topple Putin

Repair men work to repair the electricity network after what locals say was a night of shelling in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Photograph: Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

Russia restarts gas supplies to Ukraine and chides Germany over criticism

Russian president Vladamir Putin has promised an amnesty for capital repatriated to the country, saying Russians who choose to bring money back will face no questions over how they earned it. Photograph: Alexey Druginyn/Ria Novosti/EPA

Ukrainian leader says ceasefire with eastern rebels could start on December 9th

Ministers of the new government of Ukraine after they were voted in during a session of arliament in Kievon Tuesday. The government includes three foreign nationals who were given Ukrainian citizenship to allow them to take their posts.  Photograph: Roman Pilpey/EPA

EU council president Donald Tusk pledges support for Ukraine’s new reformist cabinet

Moldovan students from Craiova city in Romania display EU-colored umbrellas and placards while arriving in Bucharest before voting in Moldova’s parliamentary elections at their country embassy.  Photograph: Robert Ghement/EPA

Pro-Russia party wins, but West-leaning parties best placed to form coalition

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