Former attorney general of England and Wales Dominic Grieve, who  said  Britain risks “serious international reputational damage” with a proposal to allow MPs a veto over rulings made by the European Court of Human Rights. Photograph: Lewis Whyld/PA

Sacked attorney general has likened plan about ECHR to Crimean annexation

Teenagers in Britain today are less likely than their predecessors  to have taken illegal drugs, smoked, or taken alcohol, according to statistics just published.  Photograph: David Jones/PA

Children less likely to have taken illegal drugs, smoked or drank alcohol, survey finds

PPeaches Geldof: her husband became suspicious she had resumed her drug habit when he found texts on her phone. Photograph: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

Coroner rules out suicide, blaming death on ‘foolish and incautious behaviour’

Marina Litvinenko, wife of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, at a press conference in London yesterday: “I am relieved and delighted with this decision. Photograph: Reuters/Luke MacGregor

British home secretary rules on investigation into 2006 poisoning of former KGB agent

Former British prime minister Tony Blair said “no political philosophy today will achieve support unless it focuses on individual empowerment, not collective control”. Photograph: PA

Former leader’s comments come amid internal Labour rancour

David  Cameron told MPs the international community has “not done enough” to show that Russia’s actions in the Ukraine, including the seizure of the Crimea, “cannot be allowed to stand”. Photograph: Getty

British prime minister threatens tougher sanctions on Russia

February 24th, 1912: The Austrio-Hungarian minister for foreign affairs, Count Leopold Anthony Johann Berchtold. Photograph: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

The Balkan crisis is by now front-page news in ‘The Times’ in London, but the dangers are only still partially understood

Actress Susan Hampshire joins supporters of a bill legalising assisted dying holding placards outside Parliament in Westminster.

The Royal College of Surgeons’ council is against the move

Lady Justice Hallett: said right of appeal to the court of appeal existed. Photograph:   Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Donegal man will not face trial for Hyde Park bombings

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