The grit doctor says: ‘Remind yourself through your gritted teeth that none of it is supposed to be easy.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Give yourself a break. Running is all the sweeter if you haven’t done it for weeks

Don’t restrict yourself to your Tinder app. Get online with other dating agencies. Photograph: Thinkstock

Using a dating app in an honest fashion in your mission to find Mr Right may involve a few simple adjustments

Being active is every bit as necessary to me for a great holiday as all the wine, cheese and merrymaking . . . and the long stretches of runnable sandy beach are drawing me in. Photograph: iStockphoto

I’m enjoying my holidays to the full, but I am also making damn sure I get exercise every day

Being constantly told that these are the best years and how much we should treasure our young children can add to the pressures of being a parent. Photograph: Thinkstock

Life with young children can be an emotional rollercoaster – so take some time out

To start getting real kicks out of it all again, you are going to have to stretch yourself. Photograph: Thinkstock

Your body has become used to regular runs, so you need to up the ante if you want to relive those ‘highs’

If you cannot resist the pull of an ice-cream snack, opt instead for an ice lolly, which will hit the spot without hitting your waist. Photograph: Thinkstock

Summer time and ice-cream may go together but feeling bloated is a side effect you could do without

All set: there will come a time when that American holiday works for you again, but it is not now. Meanwhile the older children might love to go and stay with their American family on their own

If you want to get out of the annual holiday in the US with your husband’s family, you must speak up now

Once the stalemate is broken, it is so much easier to do it again and again until a sexual routine is re-established. Photograph: Thinkstock

Sex is probably the first thing that goes when a couple is busy with young kids and full-time jobs

Run no matter what you are feeling . . . because life is always going to keep coming at us. Photograph: Thinkstock

Think you just can’t run? Try putting one foot in front of the other and just going for a walk for starters

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