A busy woman needs to find an activity other than running that she can embrace with the same passion

We’ve all consumed a bunch of extra calories over the holidays, which have to go somewhere. Photograph: Thinkstock Images

Going that extra mile not only banishes holiday bulges but will allow you to eat what you fancy

Ruth Field says walk, or make it your mission to find an alternative exercise that meets the minimum exercise requirements. And do it now. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ruth Field believes a sunny disposition can wipe a decade off your face and exercise can get rid of that telltale mother-of-thre(...)

Running mates: a time might come when your companion starts to slow you down - or simply annoy you. Photograph: Getty Images/Fuse

Have you tired of inducting a new jogger? Here’s how to gently let them down – with elan

The first rule of committed running is to run whatever the weather conditions. Photograph: Getty Images

Running in the rain beats any indoor exercise, once you close the front door behind you

Olfactory blues: what are you to do when something doesn’t smell right in your relationship? Photograph: Thinkstock

My boyfriend can spend five hours a day in the pub but not five minutes in the shower

The grit doctor says: ‘Remind yourself through your gritted teeth that none of it is supposed to be easy.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Give yourself a break. Running is all the sweeter if you haven’t done it for weeks

Don’t restrict yourself to your Tinder app. Get online with other dating agencies. Photograph: Thinkstock

Using a dating app in an honest fashion in your mission to find Mr Right may involve a few simple adjustments

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