The sweetly ghoulish Smilin’ Kanker is an expert in love. If only he could find one

Review: B(r)itches

A clever new show about performance finds it hard to act naturally

Review: Reckoners

There’s nothing personal (or political) about the revenge cycle in Ross Dungan’s new play. Does that give its characters a better (...)

Review: WhichEver1UFeed

The most recent temptation of Christ explores the desires and duality of man

Bailegangaire: ‘Nothing could be more entrancing, nor as devastating, as Marie Mullen’s transcendental performance’
Review: Bailegangaire

Druid’s new production of Tom Murphy’s extraordinary play about inherited trauma and unfinished stories finds a fresh urgency for (...)

Brigit ‘is a sparing and episodic piece, fleshing out a complex family history, but serving far more as a personal statement’
Review: Brigit

A prequel to his masterful Bailegangaire, Brigit fleshes out a complex family history, but Tom Murphy’s new play is a more vivid p(...)

The Company: The Rest Is Action

Tragic protagonists ought to know they can’t escape their origins or elude their destinies. Is that why companies at the Tiger Dub(...)

Review: Pilgrim

A real tragedy and an epic myth inform a violent young Irish man’s quest for home. It takes a while to get there

Company SJ create a splitting performance from Beckett’s prose fragments in a crumbling building. Strangely, it becomes a wholly u(...)

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