There are many support services to help people who suffer from this very painful condition

‘Without practical help to come to terms with the experience of psychosis and to re-engage with reality, a person will continue to retreat from the world around them, and adopt a lifestyle that others may view as odd or “crazy”.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: ‘While their inner turmoil contributes to their alienation, the poverty and loneliness of their lives may reflect our fai(...)

Mindfulness transforms our core relationship with ourselves and with each other

A Year of Living Mindfully: 36

Meditation offers a way to live that doesn’t depend on diversion, distraction or escape

Tony Bates: A Year of Living Mindfully 13

A Year of Living Mindfully: 5 I haven’t been very clear to date about what mindfulness is, so it might be helpful at this point…

A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY: 4: My 6am alarm snatched me from the arms of Orpheus with a jolt. Another day

A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY: Our best efforts to change our lives inevitably meet with equal and opposite forces

One week into my year of living mindfully, I woke without a voice.

Finally it happened. I had been putting it off for years but I could no longer hold back the march of time

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