This week they said


He brought peace to the country by creating thousands of jobs and this removed the oxygen for violence.– Fr Brian D’Arcy at a rally in Ballyconnell, Co Cavan, called in support of businessman Seán Quinn.

Since March 2010, when Quinn was put into receivership, the support has been outstanding. A propaganda war has been waged against Quinn for the past 28 months. A story has been told that is not a true story. We hope that the intelligent people will understand the difference.– Seán Quinn at the same rally.

To actually know I was in the arena was just . . . I don’t know, it’s crazy; to be told you’re never going to walk again and to be diagnosed with brain damage and then to go out there and give it a go . . .– Gymnast Kieran Behan on his Olympic Games debut last weekend.

She was to me the essential Irish woman, funny, generous, warm-hearted; she always seemed pleased to see you and you were always pleased to see her – to pass time with her, to talk, to laugh and have a drink with her.– Writer Jennifer Johnston remembering Maeve Binchy.

This is not a matter of compensation being offered with a view to being treated more favourably by the court, this is an order being made by the court.– Judge Desmond Hogan during sentencing of aviation broker Anthony Lyons for sexual assault. Lyons was sentenced to six years, with 5½ years suspended, and ordered to pay his victim €75,000 in compensation.

If insult was taken from my comment I apologise for same.– Judge Mary Devins, on Wednesday, apologises for suggesting social welfare was a Polish charity, explaining that the comment was in the context of a specific incident and not directed at any community.

I unreservedly and without qualification apologise for my off-the-cuff comments at a recent court case . . . My previous clarification was an attempt to provide a context and was not intended in any way to dilute my apology for such unwarranted comments.– Judge Devins issues a further apology.