This week they said


Corruption in Irish political life was both endemic and systemic. It affected every level of government, from some holders of top ministerial offices to some local councillors, and its existence was widely known and widely tolerated. - Final report of the Mahon tribunal

Much of the explanation provided byMr Ahern as to the source of the substantial funds identified and inquired into in the course of the tribunal’s public hearings was deemedby the tribunal to have been untrue. - Final report of the Mahon tribunal

I am disappointed that the tribunal has said that I failed to give ‘a truthful account’. That statement is unfair and inaccurate, having regard to the evidence. It is one that I cannot and I will never accept and I will continue to examine ways in which to vindicate my name. I was honest with the tribunal and I gave it truthful evidence and I reject completely any suggestion that I did otherwise. - Former taoiseach Bertie Ahern

In the manner in which he received this money while holding high office and in the giving of rejected evidence to a sworn tribunal, Bertie Ahern betrayed the trust placed in him by this country and this party. - Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin calls for the former taoiseach’s expulsion from the party

“You want to get arrested? We’ll accommodate you.” - New York mayor Michael Bloomberg on the return of Occupy Wall Street