This week they said


I never wanted to go to jail. Jail is not the place to be. That’s a place for criminals – I’m not a criminal, and I believe I should never have been put into jail. I never regretted anything I ever did in my life, so, I don’t regret anything . . .

Former Irish Farmers’ Association president John Dillon on his release from prison after an anonymous benefactor paid a fine and legal costs imposed because he erected electronic signs at roadsides during last year’s election

I am joining the revolution of the people who reject injustice and the brutal campaign of the regime . . . I tell the regime, which claims to own the country, you have nothing but the footprint of the tank driven by your barbarism to kill innocent people.

Abdo Hussameddin, Syria’s deputy oil minister, announces he is joining the revolution against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad