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I am very confident that, when the importance and merits of this treaty are communicated to the Irish people, they will endorse it emphatically by voting Yes to continued economic stability and recovery. I look forward to that debate – one which I believe will produce a result that will be seen in the future as an historic milestone in Ireland’s economic comeback.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny announces that the Government will put the fiscal treaty to a referendum

To me, this whole issue is about the fundamental future of Ireland, and I believe it’s much bigger than any one individual or any one group of people, and therefore it would be incompatible for me to stay as deputy leader and not have my heart and soul in what I would consider to be an absolutely fundamental decision that we have to make.

Fianna Fáil TD and deputy leader Éamon Ó Cuív explains why his opposition to the fiscal treaty caused him to resign as his party’s deputy leader

Unlike the France of Nicolas Sarkozy, Ireland has just demonstrated that she is still a democracy worthy of the name. If adopted, this budgetary pact the Siamese twins Sarkozy and Hollande want to introduce would rob France of its budgetary freedom and trap it into endless austerity. France must rejoin the path of democracy by following Ireland’s example.

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right Front National, praises Ireland

We’re thinking about just running those as advertisements – little snippets, without commentary. We’ll just sort of – here you go, this is what they said a while back.

Barack Obama enjoys watching the Republican candidates tearing each other apart as they fight for nomination

Citizens should have the possibility of buying into more extensive use of their data – but that should be their freedom to choose, not done by a sneaking way of taking the freedom away from the citizens.

European justice commissioner Viviane Reding criticises Google’s changes to its user privacy policy