This week they said


We make mistakes, we get things wrong, all of us. And I think the first thing to do is to put your hand up and say, ‘Yes, perhaps let’s look at that again’ – that is what we’re doing.– Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn admits poor handling of the decision to cut resources for disadvantaged schools.

I believe the truth makes us free; bringing the truth out is always a positive thing, even though it may be a painful truth. I believe that through her exposition of the sins of the past and of the moment the church is a better place – a better place for children and a place which has learned many lessons. –Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin on journalist Mary Raftery, who died this week.

Our conditions are quite clear: this must be a referendum built and run in Scotland, accountable to the Scottish parliament. It has to be run fairly and transparently, of course, but we won’t accept unreasonable conditions placed by London on how Scotland should run the poll. – Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond rejects Westminster involvement in a referendum on Scottish independence.