This week they said


Women. They are a complete mystery. – Physicist Stephen Hawking on what he thinks about most during the day

The idea that he’s electable is just silly. – Newt Gingrich on the chances of fellow Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who narrowly won the Iowa caucus this week

Emigration is so common now in Carrick. I could have told the local priest that I was selling mangoes and chimpanzees off a stall along the Amazon and he wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. – Claire Gorman from Carrick-on-Shannon, who is working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi

This shows that we are making progress in returning our public finances to a more sustainable path. – Minister for Finance Michael Noonan comments on the exchequer returns for 2011

I want to get the others, but I also want a life. They will always be at the back of my mind, but I will not allow hatred to consume me; it’s an emotion that heats you up and makes it impossible to function. So I see them and I don’t see them. But I don’t forgive them, no. You can only forgive somebody when they have shown remorse and accepted what they have done – and they haven’t. – Doreen Lawrence after two of the men who murdered her son Stephen 18 years ago were sentenced to 15 years and 14 years in prison.